Arts Week

On Monday 6th November, the whole school took part in Arts Week. Our theme in Class 3 was 'The Carnival of the Animals' which inspired us to create lots of wonderful artwork, dance, drama, music and writing.



At the beginning of the week, we listened to the 'The Carnival of the Animals' by Camille Saint-Saëns and the children were given the challenge of trying to guess which animal was being represented by each piece of music.

The children then worked in small groups to compose their own piece of music for one of the animals, using a range of percussion instruments. The rest of the class then had to guess which animal they had been given.

On Tuesday morning, they were extremely lucky to have a morning session learning how to play the ukulele with Mr Frost. They absolutely loved learning to play a new instrument and did extremely well when performing the two songs they had learned in front of the rest of their school and their parents in the showcase.



In their art lesson with Mrs George, the children were shown artwork by the artist Henri Rousseau. They then used what they had seen as a stimulus to create their own artwork based on the 'The Carnival of the Animals'.



During their dance lesson, the children were given the task of composing their own routine based on the 'Introduction' from 'The Carnival of the Animals'.



The children listened to 'The Carnival of the Animals' which is a story based on the music of the same name. They used this to create a freeze frame of different parts of the story, showing each of the different animals. They then used this to create their own ideas for a story based on the animals.



The children used the role-play they had done to write their own story based on 'The Carnival of the Animals'.


Below are some photos taken throughout the week.