Safer Internet Day

Our class celebrated Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 6th February, thinking about the slogan "Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you".

In the morning, we explored which online behaviours have a positive effect on young people and which have a negative effect. The children considered how they could manage an online conflict in a positive way and described the actions they can take online that will make themselves and their friends happy and good about themselves.

They then did a role play activity based on the story of Jo and Mika, in which Mika has fallen out with Jo because she has put an embarrassing photo of her on the internet. They discussed: actions which would make the worse (e.g. screenshotting a message and sharing it on) and actions that would improve it (e.g. saying sorry and offering to remove the photo). This then led them to write their own story based on this scenario, sharing how they would deal with it in a positive and healthy way.

In the afternoon, the children used Purple Mash on the laptops to learn about how to keep themselves safe online. As a class, we discussed what makes a good password for use on the internet and they now beginning to realise the outcomes of not keeping them safe. They then created a poster on Purple Mash and on A4 paper about what they had learned and about e-safety in general.

Please have a look at the children's posters in the slideshow below, as well as photos of them using the programme Purple Mash to create E Safety posters on the laptops.