Safer Internet Day


On Tuesday 7th February, we celebrated Safer Internet Day, with the theme ‘Be the change: Unite for a better internet’.

We read the story of 'Digiduck's Big Decision,' where Digiduck has to decide whether he is going to share a silly photograph of his friend 'ProudPig' online. As a class, we explored ways in which we can keep ourselves safe when taking and sharing photos online.

  • We learnt that it is important to ask for permission before taking someone's photo and sharing it online.
  • We also learnt that we must always ask an adult for help if we see something we don't understand or recognise when using the Internet.
  •  It is important not to give away personal information when taking and sharing photos online.

We used the computer to design our own posters from the story. Please see below for some examples of our work.