Autumn Term 2016


In the autumn term the children were working on the topic Me and My Family. In this topic we learned to name and label the different parts of the body and learned all about how to keep our bodies healthy. We had great fun with our Design & Technology work where we designed and created our own healthy fruit kebabs. The best part was when we got to eat them!


As part of our Science work we also started looking at the changing seasons, noting the changes from Summer into Autumn. We spent some time developing our class garden, and exploring the different changes that were happening outside of the classroom. We loved watching the leaves change colour and gradually fall off the trees, and had even more fun when we made our own art work using the natural materials we found.


In Geography we learned about the local area of Linthwaite and started to explore the types of houses we live in and we used maps to find our routes to school. We used various construction kits to build different buildings in our local area, such as our school, the church and the local shops, and made a small scale map using our models.


In PE we really enjoyed our Gymnastics sessions, learning about different movements and balances. We also had lots of fun learning different bush-craft skills out in the wild area, including den building and tracking. 


In RE we focused on the topic of How do we celebrate special occasions? We looked at different celebrations and explored how and why events such as weddings and christenings are celebrated in church.


Autumn Art Work


Making our own healthy fruit kebabs


Building our local area