Safer Internet Day


Here is some of the work Year 1 have been doing during Safer Internet Day.


We started the day by exploring all of the different things that we use the internet for, whether this be for our online homework activities, playing games, watching videos or finding out information. We talked about what to do if we see something online that we don't like the look of, and we all know the importance of asking a trusted adult before we access the internet.


We then looked at the way people talk to each other online, and talked about the importance of always being kind to others, whether online or face-to face. We all wrote positive comments for each other and gave them to our friends. Take a look at some examples below.


As part of the 2017 campaign the organisers of Safer Internet Day encouraged everyone to make the internet a better place by designing their own emojis and sharing selfies. In Class 1 we all created our own emojis, and then Mr Booth took a class selfie to allow us to join in the campaign #giveasmile.

We also talked about how selfies are now used globally and how quickly and easily they can spread. We talked about the importance of always asking others for permission before taking photos, and the way photos should be shared safely.


We have looked at the different information that can be found online. The children made decisions about which information about themselves is safe to post online and which may be dangerous. The class then compared their findings with a thumbs up/down activity to show whether they felt the information was safe or not.

The children then created their own collage of pictures that they felt represented themselves using information that would be safe to share online such as pets, favourite foods, favourite clothes, hobbies etc.

We looked at some videos which help to explain the dangers as well as benefits of using the internet and how to stay safe online. If you wish to watch these or show them to your child again please click the links below.


Safer internet centre video "Ask before you watch"