Spring Term 2017


Our topic for the spring term was Understanding the World. In this topic we were exploring seasonal changes and weather patterns across the UK. We kept a weather diary of the weather we observed over a week at school and we carried out an experiment to measure the rainfall outside of our classroom over the space of a week. We also looked at types of extreme weathers, such as floods, hurricanes, tornados and thunder and lightening storms, and we produced some fantastic art work to showcase some of these. We each produced a piece of writing around the theme "The world as I see it" and came up with some great ideas about what our world means to each of us individually. As part of our Geography we learned about the North and South Poles and looked at how weather patterns can vary in different places. We also learned lots of facts about the poles and learned a song that helps us to remember which is which! We performed this in our class assembly, and you can see more about this further down the page.


In linking with our topic work, in History this term we have been learning about Great Explorers of the past. We have explored the lives and adventures of well known explorers such as Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus, as well as looking at the lives of some lesser known explorers such as Ibn Battuta. We had lots of fun learning about the achievements of each individual and we remembered lots of key facts about them all. 


In RE we studied the topic What does it means to belong to a church or a mosque? Through this topic we have been looking at which groups we belong to and what it means to belong. We have been studying what it means to Christians to belong to a church and comparing this to what it means for Muslims to belong to a mosque.


As part of British Science Week 2017 we learner lots about different materials, including the name sand properties of everyday materials. You can see more of this here. We then developed our work on Materials further through our Music lessons. We looked at videos of from the musical group Stomp and explored how they use everyday materials to make a range of different sounds to compose their own music. We had a great time trying this our for ourselves. We then explored the elements of music such as beat, rhythm, pitch, dynamics and tempo and combined these to compose our own pieces of music in the style of Stomp. These were all brilliant compositions and we really enjoyed performing them for each other.


In Design & Technology this term we have extend our work on Materials even further by doing some sewing. We each created our own bookmark for us to use at home when doing our reading. We had to research existing bookmarks first to decide what sorts of patterns we each liked the best and then we planned out our own designs, thinking about the colours and patterns we wanted to try out. We all tried very hard with our sewing and even though it was a bit tricky at times we all persevered and we all succeeded in making our bookmarks. We felt very proud when we did this!


We have continued to enjoy our PE sessions with Miss Dyson this term, exploring Dance and Fitness. We loved learning, rehearsing and performing our dance to the song 'I just can't wait to be king' from The Lion King. It was great fun being the different animals, but it was a bit hard at times trying to keep with the beat of the music. We then really enjoyed our fitness lessons, especially when using the trampettes. These were great fun but it got very tiring after a while with all that bouncing. We also enjoyed our circuit training sessions and we all loved trying to do squats and sit-ups. 


In Computing we have been retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We created our own digital images of different aspects of the story, and then used sound buttons to record each other reading the story. We had to think really carefully about the images we created to make sure everyone else could follow the story and then we had to make sure we put the events in the correct sequence.


On Friday 3rd February we had our Class Assembly where we showed off some of the topic work we have done this half term. We read out some of the facts we have learned about the Polar Regions, shared some examples of our writing and showed our amazing art work of the extreme weathers we have been learning about. We also sang our new song that we have learned to help us remember the facts about the Polar Regions.



We had great fun learning how to sew and making our own bookmarks.



Using the trampettes in our PE fitness lessons



Identifying groups we belong to in RE