Safer Internet Day 2018


During Safer Internet Day, we participated in lots of activities that promoted safe Internet use. We looked at all the fantastic things we can use the Internet to do, including playing math games and finding out interesting information. We made our own 'digital footprints' to show our developing technology use. We are also beginning to gain an understanding about how to use a computer or tablet sensibly when we use them in our lessons.


We also read Internet Safety stories and helped the characters to make the right choices when using the Internet. We learned that it is really important to make sure that our parents or adults at school know which websites we are using. We must always ask for help from an adult when using a website and never click on something we do not recognise. Year 2 made Internet Safety posters to show some helpful advice about keeping safe online. We also completed some fantastic writing about keeping ourselves safe by writing a set of instructions.