Welcome to  Class 5!


Miss Eyles is the Year 5 Class Teacher and Miss Collier is our Teaching Assistant.

We also have a Special Link Governor, Mrs Chapman. She has followed our progress through school and comes to visit us and assists us on Educational Visits.

There are 30 children in our class - 15 girls and 15 boys!


In the Spring Term our topic is 'Stone Age to Iron Age' as well as climate change in Geography.

Please read our class letter to find more detail about what we will be covering as part of our cross-curricular approach.


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Our class page will be regularly updated with key dates, information and photographs showing you what the children have been up to.

As always, if you have any questions or queries, then please feel free to pop in and see me as my door is always open and I'm always happy to help.


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Child-led Worship

 On Friday 26th January, a group of children from Class 5 led worship for the whole school.

Our theme was this term's focus value - 'Courage'. We had a 'mystery box' - we didn't know if the contents were good or bad!

We also showed a short video - telling the story of David and Goliath.

We then went back to the box (showing courage!) Inside was a lovely surprise - biscuits for Class 5 to share!

We also presented the Friday awards - Pupil of the Week, Dojo Top 5, Lunchtime Award and Munch.

Here are a few photographs of us leading the worship...


Maths Update!

 In maths, we have been revising angles - measuring them accurately and drawing our own, using protractors. We can also name angles and calculate missing angles around a point, using facts we have learnt. 

Some children found measuring angles difficult at first, so a group of very sensible children helped Miss Eyles by 'teaching' their friends how to use a protractor more confidently! They were so helpful!

We have also been using pairs of compasses for the first time - to draw circles and investigate relationships between radius, diameter and circumference. Like the protractors, the pairs of compasses were a little tricky to handle at first, but we soon got the hang of it! 

The circles didn't go to waste either - we used them to make snowflakes for our 'winter' display and also gave some to Mrs Morris and Mrs Roberts to decorate their office!


Laptops and iPads!

 Year 5 were proud to be the first class to use the new laptops! We were all so excited and absolutely LOVED using them to support our cross-curricular work.

'This is THE best school day ever!' exclaimed Adam, as we set up the laptops and logged in for the first time!

We used the laptops to support our geography work - 'being researchers' and finding out about the weather and climate in Scandinavian countries and cities.

We have also used the iPads to do research, complement our music lessons, and allow children to take photos and videos of some of the activities done in class.

Here are some photographs of us using the new 'tech'!


 Pond Dipping! (Science - habitats!)

We spent the morning pond-dipping with a wild-area and pond expert Mr Kersey! It was a very windy day, so we had to be very careful around the pond.

We pond-dipped and brought back our 'finds' in buckets, to study more closely in class.

We then used a 'key to identify pond-life' to identify the creatures that we had found. We found beetles, water scorpions, pond skaters, waterboatman, molluscs, peacockles, freshwater shrimp and many more!

We had lots of fun learning about the many creatures and habitats in our school grounds and wild area!

Here are some photos...



'The Arts' Theme Week in Class 5!

 During our recent 'Arts' theme week, we continued our geography theme of 'Scandinavia'.

This gave us opportunity to enhance the topic with lots of 'extra' activities focusing on the cultural aspects of Scandinavia, that we wouldn't have had chance to do through our curriculum geography work.

Music and dance - We listened to the music of ABBA (from Sweden!) - singing Mamma Mia and then danced to the song too.

Art - We studied the work of Edvard Munch (from Norway!) - focusing on 'The Scream' painting. We recreated the painting using oil pastel. We then did the figure 'pose' and took photographs to stick on to the oil backgrounds. These look amazing!

We all made a 3D clay sculpture of the figure from 'The Scream.'

We were also visited by the artist Peter Swidrak, from the Yorkshire Rose Art Project. We looked at a range of art work from Yorkshire artists and completed a 'treasure hunt' looking at the artwork carefully for clues.

We then created a Yorkshire Rose each, using modelling clay.

We also had a go at Blackout Poetry. Miss Eyles found a 'boring' piece of text about Scandinavia and we picked out the 'power words' that we liked. We blacked out the rest of the words, around a template, to create a piece of poetry and art in one!

Drama - We studied the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson (from Denmark!) and acted them out - coming up with our own scripts and versions.

 Here are some photographs from Arts Week...


Viking Wow Day!


We enjoyed a full 'wow day' about the Vikings, where we dressed up and spent the day on a variety of exciting activities - making oatcakes, mini longboats, clay tablets, jewellery (medallions) and some singing. We really enjoy wow days, as they give us chance to enhance the curriculum with 'extra' activities that enrich our experiences.

The wow day started with our class assembly in the morning, which was very well attended by our parents and families. We invited parents and grandparents to join us throughout the day, to support us with our learning and more importantly, share the fun!


Here are some photographs from the day...