Class Assembly


On Friday 20th January, Year 6 shared what they have learnt so far this term during their class assembly.

Some of the children explained what they have covered as part of our poetry unit in literacy, sharing examples of their work. Their poems had to include poetic devices, such as similes, extended metaphors and personification, to create a powerful image of a stingray. They also had to experiment with using repetition, alliteration and onomatopoeia to create a sense of rhythm. 

Others shared what they have revised about the properties of various 2D shapes. They explained what the terms quadrilateral, regular and irregular mean and used this knowledge to guess what shape was being described based on its properties.

The children demonstrated what they have learnt about the circulatory system in science.

They also shared examples of their artwork, which were inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinsky. They used simple shapes and bold colours in order to emulate his style.

Finally, some of the children shared key facts and information they have learnt about our history topic 'Stone Age to the Iron Age'.

Below are some photos from our assembly, including photos of the children with their artwork.