Safer Internet Day


On Tuesday 7th February, we celebrated Safer Internet Day, with the theme ‘Be the change: Unite for a better internet’. 

As a class, we explored ways in which we can keep ourselves safe when taking and sharing photos online.

  • It is important to ask for permission before taking someone’s photo and sharing it online.
  • A photo, when shared with someone else or online, can be seen by anybody.
  • It is important not to give away personal information when taking and sharing photos online.
  • It is important to know when a photo is safe to share online or not.

Once the children had discussed this, they then chose images of themselves for a new school online photo album. They discussed who might get to see these photos and what type of first impression they want other people to make about them. When taking their photos, they made sure they weren't sharing personal information about themselves, so that they were safe to share online. 

In the afternoon, the children took part in 'Emoji Charades', using emojis to create top tips for a better internet. They then swapped theirs with a partner to see if they could guess each other's messages.

At the end of the day, they each created an E-Safety poster about the key points they had learned throughout the day.

The children learned a lot about how they can unite to create a better internet. Please look at the slideshows below to see what we got up to on the day.