Child-led Worship


At Linthwaite Ardron we take many approaches to the format of our collective worship. We include the children in the delivery of these as much as possible such as class led worship and Whole class assemblies. We also provide the opportunity for a selection of children, volunteers, to independently plan and deliver their own worship. These  will be planned and led by the children.

Please note that these assemblies are not a whole-class style assembly as only a small group of children will lead the worship, however, as always we welcome and encourage our parents and family to attend.

We hope that all children will want to contribute to leading worship at some point during their time at Ardron.

The worship will be at the usual time of 9am (unless you are told otherwise) and should last no longer than 5-10 minutes, and if held on a Friday, will be followed by the usual awards and celebrations.

As with all acts of worship at the school, the children's families are always welcome to come along!

(Your child's class teacher will send a note home if your child is involved.)


On Friday 17th March, children from Class 4  planned and delivered of worship at school and set the bar quite high!

Here are a few photographs of some children from Class 4 leading the worship...

The children planned the worship around our current value of 'Justice'. They planned a very unfair tug-of-war and told a short story with a moral about justice and fairness.

The children even presented the usual Friday awards!

The children had very little input or support from adults - they just needed a little help this morning lighting the candles!

Well done to the children involved - it was a truly lovely collective worship for all.

Thank you also to the children's families who also came along.