The Governing Body


Our Governing Body love to get involved in the life of the school.  Each new Reception class 'adopts' a Governor and that Governor stays with them as they grow and move through the school.  Governors visit class, help on educational visits and at special events and really get to know each individual within the class.


Role of the Governors


Like all schools, we have a Governing Body which is made up of individuals from different walks of life who come together, along with the Head Teacher, to form the Governing Body of Linthwaite Ardron CE (A) J&I School. The school governors comprise of a group of individuals, who are elected, nominated or co-opted and are representative of parents and teachers, the local church and diocese, the Local Education Authority and the local community. They play an important role in the school community as they help to lead the school, evaluate its progress and ensure the school is always looking and moving forward and are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the school. Governors are seen as part of the Leadership and Management of Linthwaite Ardron CE (A) J&I School.


Governors at Linthwaite Ardron support the school leadership team in making sound financial judgments and ensuring that the correct decisions are made about the children’s education. We monitor the progress of the school and evaluate the impact of those decisions. This means we look at how well our children are performing in their education and extra-curricular activities with a clear focus on the whole curriculum. As individuals, it is important that Governors know the school well, so we can often be seen around school and at school events. Governors set high expectations and ask challenging questions of the school leadership team. Linthwaite Ardron Governors do not make day to day decisions about how the school is run, that is the job of the Head Teacher and senior staff but through mutual conversations will inform the leading and managing of the school.


The majority of the work a Governor does is through the membership of committees which meet once every term. Governors are members of the following committees:

  • Resources committee
  • Standards and effectiveness Committee.


The Full Governing Body also meets once a term.

Our meetings are clerked by Kirklees Council, we also have an authority appointed School Adviser who will work with the school, including governors.


Examples of Governor Activities:

  • deciding how the budget should be spent; ensuring good value for money;
  • making sure the curriculum provides and is effective for all pupils;
  • making sure the school building is welcoming, safe and well used;
  • setting and monitoring the school’s values, aims and policies;
  • appointing staff and making sure the right development and reward arrangements are in place for those staff.
  • visiting school to oversee their particular areas of responsibility including the allocated class.


The Full Governing Body meet once a term to discuss matters from smaller committee meetings and to also find out about current educational issues. The minutes are always presented one term behind as they have to be agreed at the following term’s meeting.


If you would like to be a school governor please contact the Headteacher to find out about any vacancies and ask for Governor’s Information.