Young Leaders Award

All of the children in Key Stage Two are currently taking part in the Young Leaders Award which has been set up by the Archbishop of York Youth Trust.

This award is based around a central character called Archie Bishop who represents many of the young people that the Archbishop of York Youth Trust supports. Archie is a dynamic young person who is always looking out for others and is passionate about serving his community and changing the world for the better. However, this was not always the case for Archie since his troubled background made it very difficult for him to engage with others and feel a part of any community. Through the support of The Archbishop of York Youth Trust, Archie’s life has been turned around and he’s now being the change he wants to see. Archie wants to share his story with you and inspire you to join him in changing our communities for the better.


Below is a comprehensive outline of the Award and explains how the community action aspect of the award is completed.


Take Action – Be the change you want to see

Throughout the award, the children will be inspired to take action and start serving others in order to make a difference in their local community. Archie will be their example to follow and they will learn from his experience. The community action will take place in the following three ways:


  • In every session, Archie will issue the class with a challenge which focuses on serving others, providing them with ideas along the way. The children will learn to develop various leadership skills in order to achieve each challenge and they will complete four of these class based challenges throughout the Award. 


  • In the final session, each class will organise a local community action project which they will have identified during their previous lessons. They will come up with ideas for how they can serve their local area and be the change they want to see. This could include established activities that you already run (school coffee mornings for the local elderly community) or totally new opportunities to serve.  


  • Each pupil will complete Archie’s Challenge Grid which will see them doing five mini personal challenges to help them think about their own responsibility to serve and help others. Alongside this, the children will develop a scrap book which will provide evidence of their acts of service.