Calculation Policy



The reason we have a calculation policy.


We want to:


  • Simplify the journey your children take with calculation though their time at the school.
  • Select the most useful methods that will arm your children to reach their potential and prepare them effectively for High School and life.
  • Create numerate children with exceptional mental numeracy skills. Your children are tomorrow’s leaders and business people; they need to have an ability to work mentally with number to prepare them for their role in a modern world.


This policy shows a developmental path through written calculations. Not all children will follow the route at the same speed. Some children will need lots of reinforcement of the previous stage, while some will master a stage and will then be given richer, more investigative work rather than moving to a method from a later year group.


It is important to move at the pace of your child and the stage decided by your class teacher, and not rush them through written methods without full understanding. Full understanding is reached when your child can independently (without any adult support or discussion with other children) and repeatedly use and apply a method in formal assessments.  Children can easily master a method one week and forget it by the time it is needed again in a few weeks.


Please note that calculation is just a small part of the maths that children will experience at school.