School Approach

Maths overview


We want to support every child to become numerate and be able to tackle problems and think creatively with number. Your children are tomorrow’s leaders and business people; they need to have an ability to work mentally with number to prepare them for their role in a modern world.


To achieve this we teach maths every day in every class. We teach children maths fluency; being able to calculate using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as fluency in measuring, understand shape and space. We then encourage the children to apply these skills through problem solving and reasoning; it is this which will give them the basic grounding to be successful in all walks of life.


Our calculation policy seeks to simplify the journey your children take with calculation though their time at the school. It supports them to select the most useful methods that will arm them to reach their potential and prepare them effectively for High School and life. The policy shows a developmental path through written calculations. Not all children will follow the route at the same speed. Some children will need lots of reinforcement of the previous stage, while some will master a stage and will then be given richer, more investigative work rather than moving to a method from a later year group.




We work in tandem with you at home. Maths homework is given alongside each unit of maths in the form of an Abacus maths game on the Abacus website.  This is usually around every week or so, but it does vary depending upon the length of the unit and the time children spend learning. Teachers will inform their class which game they should access. In addition we want all families to support the learning of times tables every week. Your child will know which times tables they need to memorise.


We don’t systematically hand out paper homework. In the past this has led to a wide variety of calculation methods being shown to the children, and has in fact served to confuse many of them. We believe it is our job to teach the maths in school. Please feel free to use books and websites to compliment the work we do, and try to match the methods with those in the calculation policy. You may receive occasional adhoc pieces of maths to help support your child with their class work.