Tanzania 2016

Arrival in Dubai!

Eelin Megson (Eelin Megson) on: Tanzania 2016

I've just travelled on the largest airplane I've ever seen! It was an Airbus 380 and it had an upstairs and a downstairs although I only got to see downstairs. The journey from Manchester to Dubai took seven and a quarter hours. We had a lovely meal and I watched the new Jungle Book film which was really good.

Now we're in Dubai airport which is huge. We have to wait ten hours for our next flight. Only seven left to go. It's midnight in the UK but three o'clock in Dubai. I think I'd better try to get some sleep now... Goodnight x


And tomorrow we're off...

Eelin Megson (Eelin Megson) on: Tanzania 2016


Everything is packed, passport and the ready and we fly from Manchester airport tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. I hope you'll follow my journey on Google Earth or a world map. We go Manchester to Dubai, Dubai to Dar-es-Salaam, Dar-es-Salaam to Mwanza (all flights). The following day we drive to Speke Bay and then on Tuesday morning to Issenye Secondary School. You will be able to see all of these places on Google Earth, even the school! Ask your teacher to help you if you can't do it from home. The building which is square with a central courtyard is the guest accommodation and I will be staying there.

I will try to post a message and pictures every day. You might get a few at once as I hit an internet hotspot! I've heard I might even be able to send one from the plane. Let's see!

So, kwaheri  (goodbye) and asante sana (thank you very much) for all your encouragement and fundraising for the children. Watch this space!

Mrs Megson x


Two weeks to go!

Eelin Megson (Eelin Megson) on: Tanzania 2016

Hello everyone,

Today I have been busy getting ready for my journey to Tanzania. I have a suitcase full of football boots and toothbrushes, whistles and torches, pencils and pens and many more things! I hope I will have space left for some clothes and my own toothbrush!

Thank you all for a fantastic 'Africa Week' at school - we have raised more than £1300 for the children at Issenye and Iharara.and I will begin by buying bananas for everyone. They call me Mama Ndizi (Mummy Bananas!).

Look at the Gallery for Mrs Kitson's pictures of the Africa Week - weren't those Zulu dancers fabulous?! Wow!

OK - better get back to the packing. When I am on my way, I will try to send a post every day.