Arts Week November 2017


Arts Week was a huge success! Thank you to all parents, staff, and outside companies who helped with making the week happen.

Our theme week this year, was based around 'The Arts'. At Linthwaite Ardron, we believe that the arts are an important part of children's development. They enhance children's confidence, imagination, and listening skills, as well as a number of key development aspects. Unfortunately, along with lots of other subjects that are to be taught in schools today, The Arts do not always get covered in the great depth that we may hope for. Hosting an arts based theme week, allowed all children to take part in music, drama, dance, art and performance, in great depth. It was a great week that was enjoyed by all staff, children, and parents - who were given the opportunity to come into school and watch performances at the end of each day. Outside agencies came into school to work with and deliver workshops to the children, as well as teaching staff preparing arts based lessons throughout the week.


Here you will find a gallery of photos, that were taken during the week.