Message form West Yorkshire Police

Parents and guardians who have bought web-enabled devices such as smart phones, laptops and games consoles for teenagers this Christmas are being urged to enable security settings to help protect them online. As part of the ongoing ‘Who are you really talking to’ campaign, West Yorkshire Police has produced a number of easy to read guides for different social media applications and gaming consoles explaining how to set privacy levels and restrict access to information.


“If you are giving a web-enabled device as a present this Christmas, we would suggest checking our online guides to restrict who is able to see pictures and personal information on social media applications and gaming consoles. Most of us will remember the ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ campaigns, but this is just as relevant online and parents and guardians have a role to play in activating privacy settings and making sure teenagers are aware of what they can do to protect themselves online.”

The guides and more information about the ‘Child Sexual Exploitation – Know the Signs’ campaign are available on the West Yorkshire Police website at: