Friends of L.A.


Beetle Drive Family Event

The Friends of Linthwaite Ardron are a group of parents who meet once a half term and plan fun events for the whole school to enjoy.  The meetings are open to All, and we are always looking to welcome new parents, or receive new ideas on what events you would like us to organise!


Friends of Linthwaite Ardron run fundraising throughout the year, with all of the money raised used to fund extras for the school.  Recent examples being an annual Leavers Party,  Summer Fair, School Discos, Class Christmas Presents, the fabulous Mosaic in the entrance hall,  and the much loved Vintage Post box in the office.  Our 2014/15 term project came to a dramatic conclusion, with the arrival of a fabulous reading chair as our last contribution in assisting the school with the Outdoor Wildlife Area, resulting in a great feature in our limited outdoor space, which is truly loved by the children. 




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   Welcome to Friends of L.A.   Welcome from Friends of LA



Ongoing Fundraising


GIVE WHILE YOU SPEND It couldn't be easier, use the Giving Machine to raise funds whilst you spend on everyday websites:   details at   The Giving Machine!



A great way to tidy your cupboards and donate funds to the School!  Watch here for the next collection date.   details here.


RECYCLE your old printer cartridges, CDs, DVDs and mobile phones, just drop them off at the school office and we can turn them into cash.


UPCOMING EVENTS:     Our next events will be a refreshment stand at the Sports Day, and the Annual Ardron Summer Fair!


If anyone wishes to volunteer at either event, please make contact with Friends of LA via




Click here for   Summer Fair photos.

Click here for   Ardron Bake-Off photos.




Meeting Minutes available here...

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 Annual reports:

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