Collective Worship


At Linthwaite Ardron we take many approaches to the format of our Collective Worship and we include the children in the planning and delivery of Collective Worship as much as possible.  Our Collective Worship can take many forms, such as class led worship, whole class topic assemblies and Collective Worship where achievements are celebrated. 


Our Collective Worship is usually at the time of 2.50pm, which gives the children an opportunity to reflect on the days events before leaving school. When parents are invited to one of our celebratory collective worship events then the worship will be at the time of 9am  as it is felt this is a time that is convenient for parents to attend and so a large congregation would be encouraged. 

Please click here to access the page where our Collective Worship Policy can be found.


On Friday 12th October  children from Class 5  planned and delivered our Harvest Festival. 

Here are a few photographs of some children leading worship...