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updates to parents



Dear all, 
I hope you're well, and not too exhausted from wellbeing day.

Thank you for sending photographs of children engaged in all the wellbeing activities. I can tell from the numerous smiles that there were many, very relaxed homes around Linthwaite yesterday. Lots of children obviously had a great time remembering how brilliant they are and learning how to calm, relax and generally take care of their own wellbeing. My learning point from yesterday was that if I ever make play doh again, I must add more flour. Sorry for those of you who got the super sticky stuff!

The wellbeing day also gave  staff some vital time to undertake training in the area of reading (this is one of the targets on our school improvement plan) and will help us support children when we reopen our school.  Teachers (who are subject leaders) were able to audit each of their curriculum areas to identify how they can improve these areas of learning further (this is also an area on our school improvement plan). Staff also started to prepare children's learning for after the half term break. A particular thank you to all parents/carers who reorganised work  schedules so that we had minimal children in school yesterday, as this made these opportunity possible for staff.

If you missed the message yesterday about laptops, I'd like to tell you that yesterday we had a delivery from Kirklees. We can now provide Kirklees laptops for all those children who have been sharing a device with a sibling, sharing a device with a parent, using a mobile phone or have any other reason why they are not able to access home learning effectively on a device. I am in school on Monday morning and  would like to distribute as many of these laptops as possible.

I also need all laptops that are currently on loan from school, to be returned and replaced with a Kirklees one from yesterday's delivery. It is especially important that the laptops loaned from school previously are returned asap as our IT technician will be working through the holidays to switch the settings on these laptops back to 'school use'. We currently do not have enough laptops in school and unfortunately we are not able to use the Kirklees ones delivered yesterday. However, I am sure that you will appreciate that as we did not want any child to be without access to remote learning, it was right to distribute school laptops previously. However,  I do need these to be returned asap so that we can  change the settings ready for use after the half term break.  I will be in school Monday morning (15th) to facilitate this. Please call up if you can. 

Have a lovely weekend and I hope to see some of you on Monday for laptops, 
Best wishes, Mrs Travis



Dear all, 
I hope you're well. 

Thank you for the fantastic response to tomorrow's wellbeing day. We have been inundated with messages about what a lovely idea it is. Hopefully the children will thoroughly enjoy the activities, have fun and learn a little bit about themselves.

I also have some good news. We are expecting a delivery of devices tomorrow. This is to support all those children who are  still having to use a phone as their main device for home learning. If you are one of these families, please watch out for a further message giving details of how to collect a device from school. If we do receive the devices we will send out a message as soon as they arrive and collection will be after 3.30pm. Please do not telephone school before this time as we will not have any further information to give you.   I am hoping that being able to issue devices to those children who need them before half term will them complete any learning that may have been missed. 

Please see the link below for safeguarding information from the government regarding children working on line. Use their page to access lots of top tips and support for parents.

Best wishes, 
Mrs Travis 



Dear all, 

I hope you're well. 

Just a short message this evening. 

I am delighted to let you know that Mrs Wood and Mrs Haigh are now back in school and feeling much better. I know from your messages that you have also missed them and will be delighted that they are back with us. 

Please remember to collect your child's wellbeing  pack for Friday  (unless your children are in school his week). 

Have a lovely evening, 
Mrs Travis



Internet safety day – this very important subject will be covered in children’s learning this week. Mr Pollitt has sent you a separate message about a poster designing competition that will take place over the half term break. Please encourage your child to participate, as there will be some great prizes! Please also take a look at the resources available to you around online safety on our school website.  

Maths Factor – this is an online resource by Carol Vorderman, suitable for year one upwards. This resource has been recommended by a number of parents recently. It provides a variety of maths activities that children find fun, whilst they are still learning. Please have a look and consider using this site with your child/ren.  I am assured by all who already use this resource that it is well worth investigating and keeps children occupied for hours.

Don't forget to collect wellbeing packs before Friday. Play dough will be back in plentiful supply from tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, 

Mrs Travis



Dear all,
I hope you're well.
I've attached a leaflet about how to support your child/ren in lockdown. You may not need it, but I thought it was quite good. It will certainly help me with my own children (even though they are a little older than those at Ardon) as I think all children are finding this latest lockdown situation very difficult. I hope you find it useful.

The link for today's collective worship (this will also have been posted in timetables for today) is here:

The link for celebration assembly is here:

Next week is Safer Internet week. This is a national event and I am sure that there will be some activities including in next week's activities around this very important subject.

Please also remember that next Friday is our Health and Wellbeing Day. Packs have been made up and can be collected from Monday. Tracey, our cook, has promised that for some children there will also be ingredients and a cooking activity included. Unfortunately we wont be able to carry out this activity at school so I guess those children, on this occasion, are getting something extra special. If you can keep your child at home on this day it would help enormously to deliver a fabulous event.

I hope you have an utterly fabulous weekend and the forecasted snow does not appear.

Best wishes,
Mrs Travis



Dear all, 
I hope you're well. Tonight there is a message for children. Please pass it on.

Dear children of Linthwaite Ardron,

Next Friday (12th February), we are going to have a treat! This is because all the teachers and staff in school are proud of your good work at this very difficult time. It would be easy for you to do very little at home, as we know that grown-ups aren’t always free to help, but you have chosen to work hard and try your best to complete activities that will be useful to your learning. Well done!

Next Friday, our special day is going to be ‘a screen free day’ which means that there will be no remote learning that day. Instead school will give you an exciting activity pack and we will take part in fun tasks and games that will help us to feel good about ourselves. If you are in school up to Thursday next week, this will be sent home with you. If you are at home, we will be asking for a grown up to collect your pack before next Friday on your behalf. But, however you receive your pack – it will be fun and it will something that we can all do together, wherever we are.

Packs will be ready from Monday.

Before Friday, you may want to start collecting colourful packaging and papers suitable for collage. For example, a chocolate bar wrapper might be something purple. You will need things that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

Remember, you are unique and amazing. Aim high and you will achieve your dreams. Above all, never give up trying.

Very best wishes from Mrs Travis and all the adults at school


Jane Travis (Headteacher)



Dear all, 
I hope you're well.
I hope you managed to get a little time to enjoy the snow yesterday. Let's hope it will be the last this year. Closing the school is never an easy decision but one I take to keep children, staff and parents safe. Yesterday, after having to abandon my Landrover I decided that closure would definitely be the safest option.

It goes without saying that staff are incredibly proud of all our children and parents, but particularly in these times of COVID. With this in mind, we are a planning a wellbeing day for our children to enjoy on Friday 12th February. Hopefully, it will also give the grown up at home a break too from remote learning as paper based activities for all year groups will be provided. The packs will either  be brought home by children, if they are in school next week, or they will be available for collection from Monday.  We hope that it will be a lovely end to a very difficult half term. As we are also hoping to use this day as an opportunity for staff to start their preparations for next term, we ask that if any child who would usually be attending school on Friday 12th February can be cared for safely elsewhere, then please do that.  Please let our office know if you are able to help us in this way. Thank you.

As the pressure on childcare spaces is increasing in school, can I ask all parents who use our childcare service to review their arrangements. If circumstances have changed since applying for a childcare place, please let the office know so that we can reallocate that space to someone who may now need it to perform their role within the COVID response. 

That's all from me today, 
Mrs Travis  


Dear all, 
I hope you're well. 
If you missed collective worship on class planning then here is the link.

Tonight I've attached a letter.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Mrs Travis


Friday, 29th , January 2021

Dear parents/carers,

Today I was starting to look through the letters and messages that have been sent between school and yourselves. Letters and messages about this very peculiar world of ours date back to March 2020, and are now well in excess of 100.

Back in March 2020, we could never have imagined that almost a year later all teaching would be taking place remotely, that most parents would have to home school, everyone would wear a face covering, shops would be closed, the majority of people would find themselves working from home and socialising (and even a hug) would be a thing of the past. For all these reasons life has become very difficult, and in particular exceptionally difficult for parents of primary school aged children, for whom life has simply been turned upside down and back to front.

But I wanted you to know that, despite this, I know that you are all trying to do an amazing job in your new role as educators. You are keeping our children fed, watered, safe and loved: this is the most important thing for all our young people.  Some of you are rising to the challenge of delivering the curriculum, but to most it doesn’t come easily and so staff remain as committed as ever to providing as much or as little support as you want or need. All we ask is that you do your best to support your child/ren. If that means that you manage daily reading, TT rock stars and a little writing that’s great. If you manage maths as well that’s fantastic and if there is some topic work too, well that is simply awesome. We know that everyone’s circumstances are different and you have to make this work for you and those you are at home with.

Every week, staff are working hard to deliver the national curriculum remotely. I couldn’t be prouder of how staff have risen to the challenge of becoming video presenters, telephone councillors, split curriculum planners and test and trace experts.   Each day, I hope that we gain further skills so that we can support you from a distance, but this hasn’t been easy and so this is definitely a journey we need to travel on together to support each other.

I leave you with two thoughts, the first: as teachers, we train for many years before being let loose to deliver the national curriculum to pupils. Remember, you are being expected to undertake this role at the drop of a hat, it’s not easy and we feel for you. For a few of you it is a challenge that you are enjoying but for the very large majority it is not. All I would say is, please do not worry too much. The best thing that you can do for your children at the moment is ensure that they get plenty of exercise, that they read daily and they try a little of the work we give them each day.

The second: remember that although school is closed to the majority of pupils, our lines of communication are very much open and all staff are here to help whatever you need help with. Please do get in touch if you have noticed something we could perhaps do better or if you have noticed something that we are doing really well. Your feedback is always valued and helps us to improve our service. Remember, we are all doing something entirely new and supporting each other in these times is vital for all our wellbeing!


With very best and warmest wishes,                         

Jane Travis (Headteacher)




Dear all, 
I hope you're well.
Over the next few weeks we will continue to make supportive telephone calls to children and parents. These will most likely come from an unknown number. The large volume of telephone calls we are making on a daily basis mean that we are not always able to secure the outside line associated with our school number. Please watch out for the calls. We will always try to leave a voicemail so that you know we have rung. 

Although our school is only open for childcare purposes at the moment, we still have to work within the safety guidance issue by the government. Please can I remind all parents/carers that in the morning children in EYFS and KS1 must be handed over to school staff by an adult. 

Enjoy the rest of your evening. I'm off to video my collective worship for tomorrow!

Mrs Travis



Dear all, 

I hope you're well.

Tonight we have heard from the Prime Minister that it is unlikely schools will re-open before March 8th. Whilst we know that this is not news anyone wanted to hear, it is important to remember that we all need to continue to work together to support each other and ensure that the opportunities for this deadly virus to spread around our community are eradicated.  I feel very lucky that parents/carers at Linthwaite Ardron are supportive of our approach to limit the contact we have with  others to the absolute minimum.  I know that many parents/carers of children who qualify for a Key Worker place in school are keeping them at home, whenever possible, to keep our staff and other Key Worker children safe. THANK YOU for your ongoing understanding.

If you have a child in EYFS you will already have seen a message I sent a short while ago about staffing for your class in the absence of Mrs Wood. Mrs Wood, although improving, is still feeling under the weather and will not be back in school just yet. Miss Tyndall and Mrs Tyndall are continuing to provide fantastic support in the classroom and Mr Pollitt will continue to carry out telephone calls (of a welfare nature) to parents and children. Activity planning for EYFS will change from Mrs Clews to Mrs Hodgson. I'm sure that you will want me to thank Mrs Clews for planning some excellent activities for the children since Christmas. From tomorrow Mrs Hodgson will be planning for EYFS in addition to Year 3. Mrs Hodgson has a wealth of EY experience and will be a great support for parents and children whilst Mrs Wood is away. A huge thank you for Mrs Clews for providing such excellent support for EYFS since Christmas.

Lastly, if anyone would like to try yoga, please look at this fliYoga for Carers Count.pnger.  This is a local class and comes highly recommended. I think a little chill time is probably all what we need at the moment.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, 
Mrs Travis



Dear all,  
I hope you're well. 
We have had confirmation that school will not be asked to remain open during the February half term break for the care of Key Worker and vulnerable children. I hope that doesn't cause too many problems for anyone. Remote learning pages will also close for the week. 

Enjoy the rest of your evening,

Best wishes, 
Jane Travis




Dear all, 
I hope you're well.

Please remember that if you as a parent or helper needs support with any aspect of remote learning, then our staff members are here to help you too. Contact us via telephone, Class Dojo, email or any other avenue of communication. 

Don't forget to watch our collective worship (on class timetables for Friday afternoon) and star assembly (sent out on Class Dojo).

Finally, Mrs Hodgson would also like me to update everyone about Travel Tracker: Pupils can continue to earn their badges by taking part in regular activities. Please see the documents attached. wow-activity-tracker-step by step guide.pdf      Travel Tracker letter to parents-carers.pdf     1 Doc 2

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Mrs Travis




Dear all, 
I hope you're well, and better than the weather at least! I think today we have experienced all four seasons and this evening it has once again turned very cold. Not very good for anyone, but especially when you're sat in a cold office with no thick socks! Don't worry though, Ms Starrett has at least lent me a rather fetching hat to keep my head warm. 

Mrs Roberts has asked to mention that if you do get a call from an unknown number, it is most likely school trying to contact you. We are trying to make contact with all pupils at least 4 times a week. this could be through a phone call, Dojo message, email or conversation at the office.

I also have some other information that you may find useful. Please see the links below.

Have a great evening everyone, 
Mrs Travis

FREE Adult Learning Timetable, includes FREE courses to improve digital skills, mental health awareness, maths, phonics, mindfulness. Something for everyone. 



Pennine domestic violence partnership latest information and advice


Kirklees Libraries Are Recruiting! 

The first of these vacancies are live on the Kirklees Jobs site.

Additional information is available on our website, at:


Become a community reporter  see Attached Flier




Dear all, 
I hope you're well. 
No new news this evening.
Keep safe everyone.
Best wishes, 
Mrs Travis



Dear all, 
I hope you're well.
Not much to report tonight that is new, except to say that there is no clear end yet to children learning mainly from home. We know that this is not an ideal situation as many parents work from home too and we know that for the vast majority of parents this situation will be very difficult to manage. I'd like to reassure you that there is help you can access by contacting school, or asking your child to show you what they have been doing or by talking to other parents. We want you to know that we're here to help and just hang on in there. One way that you can help your child is to ensure that their work is submitted to teachers for feedback. That way if we do have any children who are struggling to access their learning it can be followed up by school staff sooner rather than later. 

I know that teachers have been inundated with many messages of support and thanks so in turn I'd also like to thank you all those messages. They are all very much appreciated at this difficult time.

Best wishes, 
Mrs Travis


Dear all, 
I hope you're well.

There's not much new to report this evening but I thought I would send you a couple of links that you might find useful. 

The first is a BBC link that will tell you all about their remote education resources. Some are really useful.

The second is to let you know that guidance about what our offer for remote learning looks like has been uploaded to our school website today. It gives details of what should be happening for each year group.

I hope both links work!
Enjoy the rest of your evening, 
Mrs Travis



Dear all, 
I hope you're well.

Today I'd like to share with you a couple of resources that you may find useful. 

The first is a link for parents who are trying to support children's remote learning at home. The link gives practical tips that will help learning to run smoothly, or at least a little more smoothly!

The second is an attachment. Again, to support parents during this very challenging time. 

It is certainly an interesting time for everyone and in school we are all having to work outside of our comfort zone, so we know how many of you will be feeling. My top tip of the day is to blink less when being filmed and if you watch my collective worship (will be sent out next Friday) you will know exactly what I mean.  I also wish I could make my wrinkles go away and look as beautiful as Ms Starrett!

Have a lovely evening everyone.
Kind regards, 
Mrs Travis



Dear all, 

I hope you're well and your remote learning package is working well for you. We know that some children are nearing the end of their exercise books. We have placed some outside out reception office for you to collect if you need one. 

If you are the parent of a pupil in Reception class, for the next two weeks your remote learning resources will be uploaded to our school website. I know that previously it has been managed using Tapestry, but for the short term this will not be possible. Please bear with us. Planning should be available in the same way as it is for other classes on our website from tomorrow afternoon. 

I would like to make a plea to everyone who qualifies for a childcare place to keep their child/ren at home whenever possible.  By doing this you are minimising the risks to staff and other pupils, which in turn support keeping bubbles open.  It is also vital to keep staff fit and well so that they are able to plan and deliver remote learning. If you can help us by only using this childcare when it is absolutely necessary, it will help staff enormously.  

We have been notified that SATs testing for Y2 and Y6 will not go ahead this year. If you wish to know more about why these tests have been cancelled then please visit the government website. However, our own school assessment will continue as normal and so it is still important for all children to engage with their learning and contact school should there be any issues.

Whilst our school is closed we still have to report how many children have tested positive for COVID. If your child does show one of the Coronavirus symptoms then please do go and get them tested. If it is a positive result you need to let school know. If they are well enough they can continue remote learning.  

Quite a lot of notices for one evening - I'll be testing you on the information tomorrow ;-) 

Very best wishes, 
Mrs Travis



Dear all, 
Good evening, I hope you're well.

Well done. We've nearly reached the end of the week. Please remember to send work in so that teachers can use it to help with lesson planning.
You may have seen that heavy snow is forecast before tomorrow morning. Guidance for what will happen if we need to close our school as a childcare facility is in the newsletter dated December 11th. This can be found on our website. 

Class Dojo - please do not pay for anything on this site. To access all the facilities that are currently being used by school there is no charge. 

We also have some good news to share, the Christmas hampers raffled by our fabulous group of Friends made a staggering £491. This is brilliant and thank you to the members of this group who organised this for us. In addition to this our Nativity DVD will have made a further £150ish. Thank you to everyone for your generosity. If anyone would like them, there are 3 spare copies of our DVD that can be purchased to the first three people who ask.

Best wishes, 
Mrs Travis


06.01.21 - update 91

Dear all, 
Believe it or this will be the 91st daily update that has been sent during times of school closure, since March 23rd. When we returned in September I had hoped that there would be no need for future daily updates, how wrong I  was. Daily updates will now start again and be emailed, sent through the school app and posted on our school website to keep everyone up to date and well informed. 

 I will continue to update everyone regarding whole school subjects and government guidance. Teacher's will now be your main point of contact for anything regarding learning.  I know that they are already doing a great job of getting in touch with parents and children through Dojo and Tapestry. The needs of classes are very different and this will be reflected in the learning resources available from each teacher. 

The COVID section of our website is still up and running and on here you will find a wealth of support: our  risk assessment; health and support for wellbeing and mental health. 

As ever, please get in touch if you have any queries or questions.

Best wishes, 
Mrs Travis 


Dear all, 
From Monday will be following Tier 3 government and Kirklees guidance. Fortunately our school risk assessment is already compliant. Please be assured that the hygiene routines, procedures to keep classes separate from one another and protocols to assist children who may be feeling unwell are all followed rigidly and without exception. This is to keep not only children and parents safe but staff too, who are vital for the smooth running of our school and the exceptional care of our children. 

However, we still  need your help to ensure our school remains as safe as possible. We need to work together to reduce the number of people waiting on the path before school, and on the path and just beyond the school gates after school. To make this possible please follow the measures below:

*Please do not arrive at school before 8:49am and 3:10pm, unless you are using public transport and have no other option
*Please do not wait for children outside the school gate before 3:20pm - children who are not collected from the classroom door will not be released until school closes at 3.20pm

Please remember that on Monday our adjusted school pick up time will be from 3.10pm to 3.25pm. School still finishes at 3.20pm but staff will supervise children between 3.20pm and 3.25pm to allow enough time for  parents to avoid contact with others when on the school site.  

I am sure that like me, you do not particularly like the measures being imposed and long for a time when our children can see some normality again. It is a very difficult time and we will get through this together. I know that there are many of you who will find the isolation of living in tier 3 with young children challenging, and so I would ask everyone to continue to look out for one another. 

Since March 23rd the positive comments and overwhelming support that we have received from you, our parents and carers has been truly awe inspiring. Thank you, you make me feel quite humble to belong to such a great school community.

Very best wishes, 
Jane Travis (Headteacher) 



Tuesday 29th September 2020

Dear parents/carers,

Following parental concerns regarding social distancing on the path, we need your help.

We can be very proud that together we have successfully opened our school, and despite on-going challenges we have a thriving and safe environment for our children to learn and play. Our next issue to resolve, for which we need your help, is the queue down the path before and after school. 

We initially planned that extended drop off and collection times would result in a steady stream of parents and children in the morning and afternoon, however there seems to be a bottleneck at these times.  

One way that you can help is for parents, carers and grandparents to take advantage of our extended drop off/collection times if at all possible. In other words, please arrive and collect later. From 9am and 3.10pm there is little foot traffic on the school path and these are the quieter, and therefore safer, times when it is preferable for children to be dropped and collected. This would also support our working parents who need to drop and go.

We understand that this isn’t possible for everyone, but if we keep adapting to necessary changes we will develop our own systems that keep pupils, staff and families safe and well during challenging times. As of yet we have not had a positive case of coronavirus in school and we are confident that this is because of the tremendous effort that everyone is making to ensure safety is our top priority.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. It is truly appreciated and we will get through this together.  Whilst we continue make adaptations during this period, if you recognise anything that we can put in place to improve our systems please do let us know.

As usual, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask them.

Kindest regards,  Jane Travis,  Headteacher


Dear all, 
I hope you're well.

This will be the last daily/weekly update. Moving forwards we will use the school newsletter as the main method of whole school communication. I hope since March 23rd you have felt reasonably informed and are now ready, just as I am, to move towards something that resembles 'normal'. 

There is a letter attached to this email giving more details of how we will open school. Our more detailed risk assessment is now available on our school website under the COVID page and I would welcome further suggestions/additions. 

I've also had a couple of queries from parents and so I'll share that information as it may be useful information for everyone:
1) Please remember that no child can be collected from EYFS or KS1 by anyone under 16. This is government guidance and as such is adopted by our school. 
2) Outdoor PE kit comprises of leggings/jogging bottoms and a dark coloured sweatshirt. No hooded or zipped tops please. Children will need to come dressed in outdoor PE kit on their PE day. Further details will follow. 

Very best wishes for the remaining few days of holiday and I look forward to seeing everyone next Tuesday. 
Mrs T

September opening.docx.pdf



Dear all, 
I hope you're well.
Tonight I have a little information, a couple of reminders and a some news!

So, let's go..... 

I've had a couple of enquiries about PE kit. Please remember that hoodies cannot be use for PE lessons. This is because during a PE lesson there is an increased risk that a hood could be caught on equipment or another person and cause a serious accident. The best type of jumpers for PE are the cheap sweatshirts available from most supermarkets. School colours would be fabulous, but not essential. In September, as PE lessons will be conducted outside wherever possible, it may be more comfortable for children to wear joggers or leggings rather than shorts. I hope that helps.

I have attached details of our local uniform exchange. There are 3 documents which will help you to use and support this important service. We will also be having a collection bin place in our reception area in September. Any uniform that was finished with last year can be placed here and Uniform Exchange will ensure it goes to a grateful recipient. 

I have also attached a couple of documents that give details of the Kirklees Community Bus. The bus is available at various locations and can offer free advice and support. There are a couple of dates left if anyone would like to visit them.

Next Monday I should be able to send you our school's risk assessment and full details of the measures that will be in place to ensure the safety of all. I hope that you will be able to take a look and if you can suggest any other changes we can make to ensure our school is as safe as possible then please do remember to get in touch. I'm sure that you, like me, want our school to be a place where everyone is safe and I know that we will all continue to work together to ensure that this happens.

Lastly, work on our pathways and new KS1 playground has started and has almost been completed. We are now able to ensure that in September we have room to operate a one way system around the perimeter of the school building that starts where you leave Church Lane. This will ensure that social distancing guidance can be adhered to, and it will also make the entrance from the road easier to navigate as this has been a bottle neck for several years. The pathway down the side of the hall has also been widened. This will make it much easier for those parents lucky enough to still need a pram. Our new KS1 playground is looking simply marvellous and next week 100 squared metres of turf will be laid to complete the work. I honestly had not noticed that we had so much space until we really needed it.  How lucky are we!  


uniform exchange.pdf

Community bus dates.jpg

How to use Uniform Exchange 2020.pdf

Community bus services.jpg

Uniform Exchange Request Form JUNE 2020.docx

Kindest regards, 

Mrs T




Dear all, 
I hope you're well.
I have some good news to share with you. 
Firstly, Mr & Mrs Pollitt have had a baby during the holidays. Baby Pollitt was born on 2nd August. The family are getting used to being three  and are enjoying settling down into family life.   This does mean that Mr Pollitt will be on maternity leave weeks beginning 14th and 21st September. To ensure that there is continuity for the children, as we know that they are returning from a very unsettled period, Mrs Travis will be teaching the class as she is already well know to the children. Mrs Travis is eagerly looking forward to this opportunity and is already planning lots of fun activities for the children  and staff to work on together.

Secondly, we are pleased to announce that we have appointed Rachael Hodgson to start as the year three teacher in September. Mrs Hodgson has been a teacher for several years and is well known in Kirklees for her expertise and teaching skills. We are very lucky to have been able to appoint such an experienced teacher to join our existing, vibrant and strong team at Linthwaite Ardron.  We are all looking forward to getting to know Mrs Hodgson better over the coming months.

Thirdly, our building work to ensure our school is as COVID safe as we can possibly be should be starting on Thursday or Friday this week. Exciting times in such a challenging world!

Lastly, just a reminder for parents of children leaving year five and moving into year six: please do not buy any jumpers for the return to school. In our previous email  we said that school fully intend providing leavers jumpers as usual, but that due to the COVID restrictions this would not be until September. More details will follow, please bear with us.

Very best wishes, 
Mrs T 



Dear all, 
I hope you're well. 
I know that many of you will be disappointed that lockdown sanctions have been increased in Kirklees and this naturally has lead to some anxiety, for some, about school opening in September. Our current position is that we intend to be open to all, and we will do all we can to minimise the risk of infection between pupils, staff and parents. To do this there will be many measures and systems introduced. Some of them will be based on our experience of school between March and July and some will be totally new,  but during the week before we return to school they will all be available for everyone to review.  This will ensure that our procedures can be vetted by, and further suggestions made by, as wide an audience as possible. By waiting until the week before we return to school we can ensure that our procedures are up to date and inline with the additional government guidance for school opening which is expected on August 24th.   

I hope that you're all having some down time and trying to make the most of an increasingly difficult situation. Please don't forget, if you feel you need any support at all please do contact me at If I can't help you I know that the  staff at Ardron, who are some of the hardest working and most dedicated staff I have had the pleasure of working with, won't hesitate to offer advice themselves (even in the holidays).  So, if you're finding things difficult please do remember to email me as I can usually help, and if not I'm sure I know someone who can. 

Very best wishes and please keep yourselves and your loved ones safe, 
Mrs T




We hope you're well. I had hoped to be sending a message today to say that cases of coronavirus are declining. Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case and I am asking everyone to continue to be super vigilant, social distance as much as you can and encourage our children to wash their hands frequently. If hand washing isn't possible please put a spot of alcoholic based hand sanitizer on their hands.   Hopefully this wont be for much longer but I'd like for all our children (and families) to stay well over the summer break. I know that you have already been ensuring that guidance is strictly followed for many weeks now and I thank you for that. I just can't describe how much staff want all our children to remain well through the summer and return in September.

Since my last message, there are no new additions to the current government guidance that school are not already addressing and will be included in our risk assessment. This document will be with you towards the end of the summer break. The parental guidance for September, previously sent by school, still stands as it is. If there are any changes between now and September I will continue to update you through this weekly message.   

I also need to inform you that our school is seeking an amendment to our admissions policy. This is because as a church aided school one of our criteria for entry is whether the family or child are 'regular worshippers'. Unfortunately access to churches, and church based worship, is currently restricted and so our admissions policy needs to reflect this. I have attached a copy of the draft document here if you wish to read it.  

We are excited to announce that building work will soon start at the end of the drive and on some of the paths around school. The work will be completed during the summer break and is being undertaken to widen paths and ensure that social distancing guidance can be adhered to by everyone. It should also make it much easier for those who need to bring a pram or pushchair. KS1 will also have a playground of their own which will be a very welcome addition to our school, and something to look forward to in this mad world of ours.  

One of our successes during the lockdown period was our school lending library. During the period when school was closed we made 259 'lends'. Hopefully that means that 259 books were read at home that without our library would not have been. Well done to everyone who took part but we do have a few titles outstanding. So, if you have seen one of these books then please email me ( to let me know it is safe and then bring it back to school in September. Don't worry if you know that you read the book and brought it back. Someone must have borrowed it after you. 

The Worst Witch To The Rescue
Journey To The River Sea 
Malory Towers
The Ghost of Thomas Kemp
Treasure Island
Horrid Henry's Revenge
King Arthur
65 Story Tree
The Secret Garden
How Loud Can You Burp?
Artemis Fowl - Lost Colony
The Silver Sword
104 Story Tree House
The Iron Man
The Borrowers
Harry Potter and The Philospher Stone
The Holiday

Very best wishes, 
Mrs T



Dear all, 
Firstly apologies for the last two daily messages, or specifically the lack of the last two daily messages. It is not often that I am completely and utterly exhausted but that is how I felt on Friday and yesterday. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear though that I'm now fully revitalised and ready to go again!  However, you will also be pleased to hear that I will only be sending a weekly message through the holiday break as I'm sure that by now my daily messages are becoming a little monotonous and you too are ready for a break from them. 

Today's main message is in the form of a letter as it was far too long to put in an email but we also have some school development work that I'd like to update you with. Over the summer break we will be widening several paths to allow for safe social distancing and we will be developing an area so that KS1 have their own playground during the COVID period. This will help to minimise the risk of infection spread. Exciting times!


Click for letter

Kindest regards, 
Jane Travis


Dear all, 
We hope you're well.
Don't forget to give the office a ring if you received a text about lost property. We also have a large number of un-named items that you are welcome to come and browse. In particular a lovely orange hand knitted cardigan, a pair of black boots and a coat. We have attached a few pictures of lost property so that hopefully items can be returned to their homes. 

If you have any of school's equipment, please return it. We still have 2 laptops, 1 IPad and a number of reading books outstanding. If you do have one of these items please return asap so that we can make sure they are ready for use in September. Thank you.

Tonight we have some good news to share with parents of pupils going into Y3.  We have had a large number of candidates for our advertised post of class teacher. 25 candidates to be exact. This means that we have been able to shortlist from a large field and select a small number of strong candidates to interview. We have shortlisted and we are currently in the interview stage. Hopefully it wont be too long before we should have some news to share with you about the candidate who has been successful and has accepted the post. The candidate will spend time over the summer holiday period familiarising themselves with our school, the children's learning and our current staff. I can't say how pleased I am to share this good news with you and it shows that our school is thought of as somewhere great to work in our area.  

From September there will be some changes to our lunchtime routines and the menus on offer to ensure the safety of our staff and pupils. We will be having 2 sittings. Tables will be thoroughly cleaned between sittings and we have demarcated the hall with walking zones, queuing zones and areas where tables will be located. We hope that things run smoothly but please bear with us as we may need to adapt as situations arise. We do have a new menu designed especially for the COVID period that allows our fabulous catering team to work safely, although meal choices may be more limited to begin with. Whilst there will still be fresh fruit,  yogurts, home made cookies, muffins and all the other cold puddings hot custard and pudding will not be available until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience and all you custard lovers out there!   
Very best wishes from the team at Linthwaite Ardron, 




Dear all, 
We hope you're well.
We don't have much new news today, but we do unfortunately have 1 piece of news that we need to distribute: lunch money for pupils will increase to £2.30 from September. We do apologise that this is the only new news we can bring today. 

There have been a few queries about which doors should be used in September by pupils. Please do not worry, everything will be clearly signposted. One way systems, queuing areas and classrooms will be amongst the signed features of our school in the new year.

During the summer holidays, we will not be leaving you in peace entirely as each Monday Mrs Travis still intends to send out an update. This is because government and local authority guidance is still changing on a daily basis and so it is still possible there will be changes made to our plans for September as they are constantly under review.

Mrs Travis can be contacted at for any information or for emergency purposes through the holiday period. She usually looks at her email daily and so will respond fairly quickly should you need any support.

Very best wishes from the team at Linthwaite Ardron


Dear all, 
We hope you're well.

A query from a parent about transition next year has prompted this message: 
In September we will be undertaking a day of transition on September 8th  for all children currently in Years R to 4. Our current Y5 children will go straight into the Y6 classroom with Mr Taylor. Children should still use their new class door to enter school as they will be located in their new classroom for the day. This is because although they will spend their day with their current teacher, we are minimising cross contamination between groups and the risk of coronavirus infection. Therefore, 
current R children should use the door to Mr Pollitt's classroom but will be with Mrs Wood
current Y1 children should use the door to Mrs Clews' classroom but will be with by Mr Pollitt

current Y2 children should use the door to Miss Rider's classroom but will be with Mrs Clews and our new Y3 teacher, who is yet to be appointed
current Y3 children should use the door to Mrs Raime



Dear all,

I hope you are well. 

I know that this time away from school has been very strange for you. It has been very strange for all your teachers and myself too. I think even your adults at home will tell you that they have also found it a very peculiar time. But, I have been impressed with the way that you have helped your adults at home and your adults in school to cope.

You have done this by being brave and trying to do your best. I have seen lots of things that you have been getting up to and I have been hearing about you too from Mrs Branigan, Mr Pollitt and Mrs Morris. I need you to keep doing this for a little bit longer, because our Prime Minister says it is the right thing to do and will help us all keep safe and well. 

Our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has said that children in our Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 classes will soon be returning to school. I hope that a couple of weeks after this we will be able to welcome more children into school and that before the summer holidays all children will be back in school. But our Prime Minister has some very clever people working for him and they may decide that they have to change this plan. They will only change the plan to make sure that we stay well, and for no other reason. So, if this does happen, please try to be patient about your return to school because the decisions have been made to make sure that we all stay safe. Schools are listening to what the Prime Minister has to say very carefully and we will let you and the adults at home know what the plan will look like for you coming back to school by next week.  

Once we are all back in school we will have something to look forward to, because I am planning a little concert for our adults at home to come and watch. This will probably take place in September but if you can start to learn these songs now that would be a big help: ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ from Lion King, ‘A Million Dreams’ from The Greatest Showman and an extra one for KS2 – ‘So Strong’ by Labi Siffre. I sent links in an email to your adults at home but you might know how to find the words and music yourself. It will help us put a concert together very quickly if you could learn these songs now, plus I've asked your teachers to learn the words too so that they can sing along with you.

I hope that we can all be together soon,

Lots of love and best wishes from Mrs Travis




Dear Parents

The last few weeks have been a challenging time for everyone, but all the school staff have kept our children going with lots of learning and fun activities and have also looked after our children whose parents are key workers. We have had daily updates from school, a letter to the children, which was lovely and phone calls to see how all the children are doing.

I have received lots of comments from parents about how supported they and their children feel, which is testimony to the community ethos of our school.

I also think, that although this situation has been thrust upon us, and is one we would not have chosen, the way in which many of us spend our time over the next few weeks can help us to evaluate what is really important. People are spending more quality time with their immediate family, having daily virtual conversations with family members and friends, getting to know and supporting neighbours, thinking about how they can support their community, delivering small acts of kindness and generally leading a different type of life. I do realise that this is not true of everyone and that for some people their life has got much more complicated.

Personally, I am enjoying the go-noodle mindfulness videos and dance routines, playing swing-ball and table football and even baking bread!

As we move towards Easter, I hope that you will all get some time with your family, have fun and eat plenty of chocolate!

On behalf of the Governing Body, I would like to wish you all a happy and peaceful Easter and to send our thanks to all those who are keeping our children and their parents safe.


Best Wishes

Rachel Stirling

Chair of Governors


Dear Friends

Lots of people around the world are worried about how the virus is making people ill and affecting our daily lives. I know you might be worried too, so I’d like to share a story with you which I like to hear again and again when things get difficult and I need some encouragement.

Many years ago, between 1342 and 1416, there was a woman called Julian who lived in Norwich. Life was hard for Julian and for everyone in those days. But Julian was a Christian and her faith in God helped her to have hope and be strong when things became difficult. In fact, her faith was so strong that eventually many people came to hear about Julian and they came to Norwich to see and speak with her. By this time Julian had become an anchorite which is a name given to those people to live on their own, usually in a little house or a cave, so they can listen to God in prayer without any distractions. Julian would speak to everyone who came to see her and pray with them. People came with all kinds of worries and problems but after listening to Julian many of them felt better. God had shown Julian special things in dreams and visions which spoke of his love for human beings, for the animals and all things, and she would share these special messages from God with those who came to see her.

In one special vision God showed Julian a small hazelnut laying in the palm of his hand. She looked at it and wondered what it might mean. God said to Julian, “It is all that I have made - the world, the universe and everything in it.” Julian was amazed - the hazelnut looked so small and fragile, as if it could disappear into nothingness. But then God told Julian “It lasts and always will, for I love it and all things have their beginning in my love.” Because of this vision, Julian came to know three things which would always be true. The first is that God made everyone and everything. The second, that God loves everyone and everything. And the third, that God keeps everything he loves in the palm of his hand so that it may never be lost, even those who die are not lost to God.

So whenever I get worried and upset and wonder what’s going to happen, I remember Julian and the hazelnut in the palm of God’s hand. I remember that whatever happens God will always love me and everyone else he has created. It doesn’t matter how small our worries are - they can be as small as a hazelnut - God will always want to hear about them - that’s why we need to say our prayers often. So in this time of worry, remember that God made us all and loves us and that we will always be in God’s keeping, in the palm of his hand.

Your friend and priestess that I announce that our lovely school is now closed. We are open as a safe place for Key Workers to leave their children when they are at work. I am incredibly proud how our school community is supporting each other in these very strange times and I look forward to the day when we can once again throw open our doors and welcome back our fun-loving, enthusiastic and amazing children.

For now look after yourselves and your loved ones the best you can.

Best wishes, 

The Revd Dr Paul Witts
Priest in Charge
St Barnabas Crosland Moor & Christ Church Linthwaite
with St Luke Milnsbridge