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Welcome to Year 1

Our teacher is Miss Hutchinson and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Pickup.

On this page you will find links to our Long Term Plan and lots of other exciting things we have done this year.

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A BIG hello from all of us in Year 1!

Class News and Activities

Linthwaite Ardron Pilgrimage

 On Friday 24th of September, we all went on our annual pilgrimage walk. The children all carried a symbol of hope, in the form of an 'Ebenezer Stone' to the top of the hill behind school. Ms Starrett told the children all about the Bible story of Samuel and how he had carried his own Ebenezer Stone to create a cairn at the top of a mountain. Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 all made a cairn from their Ebenezer Stones and thanked someone that helped them, as they placed their stone on the top. As we walked back to school, we saw a rainbow! The children were excited to see it and we discussed how this was a new symbol of hope and how we were moving into positive times again. 

Outdoor Learning Day Autumn One

On Monday 27th we had our first outdoor learning day in Year One. We looked at the signs of Autumn and used our senses to describe our surroundings. We made hedgehog homes to help hedgehogs hibernate for the colder seasons. We worked in teams to build dens to shelter from the wind and the rain and we collected autumnal leaves to create leaf animal collages. 

Our message for our outdoor learning day was "Teamwork makes the dreamwork!"

Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night

The children have been learning all about Bonfire Night and where it originated from. The children looked at 'Bossy/Imperative' verbs in recipes and information posters. They created posters all about Bonfire Night safety and put these around school to educate other people. We created firework pictures using different painting techniques and had a morning of Bonfire Night Baking. The children baked parkin and then described it using their senses in their English written work. 

Skylar's Missing Note Performance

On Thursday 25th of November, we watched an amazing performance called 'Skylar's Missing Note'. The children watched as the actor told the story and played her grand piano. Afterwards, the children had a workshop which focused on music and musical vocabulary. The children learnt about dynamics, pitch and tempo and played games to demonstrate these. The children absolutely loved both the performance and the workshop so much that they decided to design what their own grand piano would look like. 

"I really liked the part where Skylar made it sound like a storm on the piano"

"My favourite part of the performance was when Skylar did the bubble wrap rap"

Spring 1 Outdoor Learning Day 10.01.22

The children absolutely loved our second outdoor learning day of this year! Before going out, we looked at Everyday Materials and their properties. This helped us to be scientists and describe different natural objects, found in the woodland area, by their properties such as 'shiny', 'dull', 'rough' and 'smooth'. 

We then carried our addition work on in our woodland area. The children looked long and hard around the woodland area for number sentences up to 20. The children had to write and work out as many number sentences as they could. 

Finally, back in the classroom, we made clay hedgehogs using sticks we had gathered in the woodland area. 

Art & Design- Clay Hedgehogs

The children thoroughly enjoyed making their clay hedgehogs using sticks we found on our Outdoor Learning day. The children had to use tools and their own hands to mold and shape their hedgehogs and snap the sticks. This was fantastic practice for all the children's fine motor skills. 

Some of the children even named their hedgehogs with names such as: Harry, Hilda and Hiccup!



Chinese New Year (The Year of the Tiger)

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We discussed how each year is represented by a different animal. As 2022 is the year of the tiger, we decided to bake tiger bread. The children thoroughly enjoyed mixing the ingredients, kneading the dough and watch the bread rise and become golden in the oven. The children used their senses to describe and write about the bread, focusing on what it looked, smelt, felt and (most importantly) tasted like!