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18th June

Posted: Jun 18, 2021 by: Rachael Hodgson (Rachael) on: Reception Blog

Balance ability - We have had two sessions so far and the boys and girls are making steady progress.  


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WElcome to THE Early YearS Foundation Stage App Feed

We'd like to say a warm welcome to all the children and their parents. Please have a good look around our website, there are a lot of lovely photos of the fun activities we do in class and some helpful resources too.

The Foundation Stage team - Mrs. Hodgson, the class teacher.

                                                                                                                        -  Mrs. Tyndall the classes full time educational teaching assistant. 


Reception children enter school through their classroom door each morning and collected from this door at the end of the school day.  Staff will only let children leave with parents/carers or the regular grown up that picks them up. If a different adult is collecting them, please tell the Reception staff in the morning or contact the school office by 3pm.


We are all looking forwards to learning about lots of new things this year. Please read our class newsletter and look at our long term plan  to find more detail about what we will be covering as part of our Early Years Foundation Stage cross-curricular approach.


As always, if you have any concerns, questions or queries we are always at the door to greet the children each morning as well as when we release the children into your care at the end of the day and available to speak to parents. Please feel free to approach us at collection or drop off as we are always happy to help.

Please see 'dojo' for the weekly update of what we have been learning in class.  

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Recommended Reading Books for

Reception Pupils

We are often asked what books to recommend that might suit a Reception pupil. Click on the link below to take you to a site with bags of ideas for suitable reading material.

Obviously, you know your child best; their level of reading ability and what subject matter might be best suited (or avoided) for their own individual needs and beliefs, but this site enables you to click on the book, gain further information about it and will even take you directly to an on-line shop.

Reception children are learning to read and these books are aimed at being books to enjoy together until your child is able to join in with reading some of the words.

Please note; we are not affiliated to the site in any way and the books shown are meant as serve as ideas for your children only . 


Reading resources
There are many fabulous reading resources online for you to access at home. one of my personal favourites is the Decodable comics.

Here are some more to try out:

Collins Big Cat e-books

Kirklees e-books



Summer Term- We had a podiatrist, postman, police lady, covid test center worker, teacher from another school and paramedic visit our class.  See dojo for the pictures. 

Owl wise- we had some beautiful birds visit us.  We know there are over 220 owl species!  The children decided to draw their interpretation of an owl.  


Autumn 2021 

Spring  2022

Summer 2022

Please  find out about some of the exciting activities and events Reception have taken part in this year 2020-21

What a wonderful world

As part of our wonderful world topic Reception are learning about how we can look after our wonderful world and all the animals within it. We have read the book “A planet full of plastic” by Neal Layton and discussed what plastic is used for and how it is causing harm to the planet. We then read the book Clean up” by Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola. 
after reading about little rocket encouraging everyone on the beach to form a clean up crew, we decided we could make our own Ardron Clean up Crew! 
The children got their gloves on and armed with bags set off into the wild area to hunt down all the plastic and rubbish hiding in amongst the bush’s, trees and plants. 
working together the children managed to collect so much rubbish that they filled a big dustbin. Once they had finished the wild area was once again beautiful and a safe place for the wild life to live. 

Our children at home remote learning have also taken up the challenge and have been out litter picking in their local area. 

Charity at Christmas 
Reception have been taking part in a reverse advent calendar this Advent. The children and parents signed up to a day within Advent when they can bring in a donation. All the donations are going to the Welcome Centre food bank in Huddersfield. The children and families have been extremely generous in their donations and we have been overwhelmed by our final class collection.

In class we have read the book “It’s a no money day” by Kate Milner to help the children to understand the role of a food bank. The children started to think about how they would feel if they had to go to bed with hungry tummies. Here is a link to a video of Kate reading her book
If you would like to donate to the welcome centre there are collection points at most major supermarkets. Here is the list of items the welcome centre needs at the moment

And a link to the full list of items accepted by the welcome centre here



On Friday morning we went on a pilgrimage through our wild area. It was snowing and the children found this very exciting. We walked through the playground up to the wild area and stopped in the classroom space surrounded by trees. The children were enjoying looking up as the snowflakes fell down around them, we even tried to catch snowflakes with our hands. The children noticed that the snow melted quickly once it touched their hand.
We talked about the Christian story of creation and how it tells how God made the world. We talked about how, when the earth was made, there was land and sea. The children could tell me lots of reasons the sea was important. We thought about water and how it is used and why it is so important. The children could tell me uses such as drinking it to keep healthy, washing ourselves, washing clothes, fishes swimming in water and need it to breathe etc. We were able to look carefully at the snow as it melted and saw that it turned into water. We talked about the plants around us that need water and the children spotted trees, plants growing near them and ivy growing up the trees, they told me that the plants need water to grow.
We walked further through the wild area spotting all the different plants around us. We got to the pond and carefully walked around the edge and stood on the paving looking at the pond to see what we could see happening. The children could see the water moving as the snow dropped onto it and the water had ”little waves.” The children also thought of all the animals that the pond helps, they were able to think about those that live in the pond such as fish and frogs but also those who come to visit the pond such as ducks and birds.
We said a prayer to say thank you to God for the water that helps everyone and everything to grow and stay healthy.
All the children have written a recount piece of writing about their pilgrimage and have drawn a picture. They used their phonic knowledge to write what they would like to say about their experience.
During a whole class RE session we reflected on our pilgrimage and the children each shared something important that they learnt.


"We were thinking about God because He made all the animals in the pond. God made all the water." - Ruby 

"The pilgrimage was about water. Water is important, it makes you healthy and filling up the pond." - Meg

"God made the world." - Lyndon

 "It’s a big walk, a journey." - Tommy

 "When we went on the pilgrimage we saw snow. Snow is made from rain. Rain and snow is made from water." - Scarlett L 

"On the pilgrimage we had water. The water was in the pond. When we have water it comes out of your taps and bathroom." - Brodie

" We were catching snow in our hands. The snow was melting because it was warm." - Nancy

 "God made the Earth."  - Belle

"On our pilgrimage we saw snow. The snow came down and covered the floor. It melted. It goes into the floor." - Grace

"God made us. " - Ted

 "God made the world and made the ducks and the frogs." - Amelia

 "The snow got everywhere. It melted and turned into water. It melts into the ground. There was ivy on the trees." - Dexter

"We need water to grow plants." - Callum

 "The trees collect water and grow, the water is from the snow." - Kingsley

"We went on a walk. We said a prayer to God. We said thank you for our water." - Scarlett C

"The rain comes out of the clouds. The rain goes in the pond." - Evie D

 "Water makes you grow." - Florence

"God made the frogs and ducks." - George

                                             "God made the trees." - Evie P

"God made all of the world and He made the plants grow." - Paige

"We saw lots of snow." - Lily

 "God made the world. He made water and the ground. He made the sea and it ends up in our taps." - Edward

"We went to the pond and said a prayer." - Willow

"God made the fishes and ducks, they live in the pond." - Henry

 "Thank you God for the pond." - Hattie

"God made the world. We was thinking about water because it’s healthy and it keeps us alive." - Seth



Reception class have been learning all about Remembrance, the children made artwork based on Poppies, including independent drawings, water colour paintings and large floor art .

We watched the special Cbeebies Remembrance animation. The children were able to communicate their feeling about the film and how they thought the animals felt. 

The children learnt about the work of the Royal British Legion and looked at the various items they sell to raise money. Our very thoughtful children then asked if they could help to raise money too for the Royal British Legion. We talked about current restrictions meaning it was difficult to find where to buy a poppy this year. The children made their own poppies to wear and asked parents for a donation for them. 

The children also decided that they would create some special clay poppy bowls. They rolled and sculpted the clay and then carefully painted them. 



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