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Autumn Term Outdoor Learning Day

Year 4 had a fantastic day learning outdoors, despite the bad weather at times!

In the morning, the children really enjoyed listening to the story 'The Origin of Fire', which is an Apache folk tale. This story formed the basis of most of the activities we did throughout the day. In the story, Fox commands the cedar tree to bend down to him. Based on this, the children were given the task of writing their own inventive spells in small groups, using ingredients that they collected from the Wildlife Area to inspire them.

Later in the morning, the children were given the tricky challenge of cracking a code which had been written using Roman numerals. This is something they have been learning about in maths this half term, as part of our work on number and place value. Although they found this quite tough to begin with, they used their problem solving and reasoning skills in order to work out what the message said. For those that felt like having an additional challenge, they were then given the task of writing their own coded message for a partner to solve.

In addition to this, the children used the natural materials they found in the Wildlife Area to represent 4-digit numbers as their own base 10 equipment, as this is something we have also been doing in maths this half term.

During the afternoon, the children worked in pairs to create their own obstacle courses, which was inspired by the part of the story where Fox was only allowed to fly with the geese if he kept his eyes shut. As part of this activity, one person was blindfolded and the other person had to guide them through the obstacle course. This involved the children working well together as a team and using good communication skills.