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Welcome to Year 5

Ms Starrett and Mrs Walker are the Year 5 Class Teachers and Mrs Moss is our Teaching Assistant. 

We are all looking forward to learning about lots of new things this year in Year Five, even though things might be a bit different to how we have learnt previously. Please read our class newsletter and look at our long term plan  to find more detail about what we will be covering as part of our cross-curricular approach to learning.

As always, if you have any questions or queries, then please feel free to contact us via the office and we will get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

Earth and Space - Home Learning

Through our science topic 'Earth and Space', Year Five researched and created a piece of work about the planets in our solar system. As it was part of our home learning, the fabulous planet biscuits and cakes unfortunately had to remain at home, but have a look at a selection of the homework you have all been busy working on.

Moon Poetry

 We have been learning about using figurative language in our writing, using alliteration, personification, metaphors and similes to create effects that impact upon the reader. Tying in with our 'Earth and Space' science topic, we wrote poems about the Moon. Please do read these and look out for some beautiful images of the white rock in the sky that we all take for granted; you may look at it in a totally new way once you read these. They are out of this world!

Year Five 'Street Child' Informal Letter Writing

Read these emotive and heart-wrenching letters from Jim Jarvis, the real-life penniless street urchin who inspired Dr Barnardo to create his homes for boys. These letters are sent from the workhouse, the hell-hole which nearly cost Jim his life. Have a read and have your hankies at hand, just in case!

Golden Pens Awarded

Congratulations to our handwriting superstars, who received their golden pens recently. Well done, we look forward to reading lots of beautifully presented written work now across the curriculum.


'Space Oddity' by David Bowie

 In our music lesson we listened to a variety of songs and musical compositions on the theme of 'Space'. These included; Gustav Holst's 'Planet Suite', Elton John's 'Rocketman', Frank Sinatra's 'Fly Me to the Moon', Jamiroquai's 'Space Cowboy', Beastie Boys' 'Intergalactic' and David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'. We chose 'Space Oddity' to create a dance to. Watch the first half of our choreography at the end of lesson two. It was lots of fun imagining we were walking in space!

As part of our Autumn 'Local Area' studies we have been looking at the areas of Huddersfield and Kirklees, working on a project together with Kirklees Council. We will be doing some further work on Democracy and the process of government and we hope to be able to meet some of our Kirklees councilors to ask them questions about our area and town and share ideas about how we can influence the decision-making process. Watch this space for updates! Here is a taste of the work we have done so far this term.

Local Area Studies Autumn 2020

We all spent a day looking at the environmental, human and physical geography of our local area. Walking around Linthwaite, we spotted many things we had never noticed before and despite the damp weather, we managed to make some super sketches too.


 Art and Geography - Local Area Landscapes

Our final pieces are now completed and displayed on the walls; local landscapes in the style of David Hockney. Aren't they colourful, lively and uplifting? We certainly think so and cheer everyone up as they pass by them in school!

After learning a little about the style and technique of Yorkshire artist David Hockney, we went out sketching around Linthwaite, using drawing pencils to sketch the hills, fields and a road trying to show perspective.

Bright colours were applied using a variety of acrylic, watercolour and poster paints, drawing pencils, coloured pencils and even felt tips.

We have written evaluations of our artworks so please  read our views on what we have created.........

Outdoor Learning Day - October 2020

 Yes it was cold, yes it was windy and yes yes yes it did throw it down with rain, but Year Five are a hardy bunch and that did not deter us from getting out and about around Linthwaite looking at local geography and history and what is all around us every day.

Maths involved a fun Roman Numerals treasure hunt and quiz in the outdoor area, which really made us think.

Trust games and outdoor adventure activities also helped us with getting to know and understand each other a little better as we had to wear blindfolds and be guided along a treacherous route.

Best thing of all though? It was Mrs Starrett's birthday, so we all got chocolate cake and biscuits too as a treat for working so hard!

Lacey - "Maths was a focus on our Outdoor Learning day this Autumn. After learning about Roman numerals in class we then conducted an outdoor Treasure hunt looking for clues that lead to a secret coded message. The hunt took us into our Wild Area.

Even though it was a wild and soggy day, we then had some fun 'Trust' maze activities where we had to lead our classmates on a circuit wearing blindfolds."

Art Autumn 2020

Winter Hockney artwork we designed and created using watercolour and acrylic paints, pen, drawing pencils, coloured pencils and a stipple sponge. They were so good we decided to turn them into Christmas cards for gifts. Aren't they super!

R. E

Our R.E. lessons have ended with a fun board game we devised which tests our knowledge of the Bible and what we have learnt over this term. We can choose who we play it with and look forward to this game at the end of our lesson.

Please click the links below to find out about some of the exciting learning we have been undertaking in our class.



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