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Welcome to Year 6

         Welcome to Year 6! Our class teacher is Mr Taylor and our teaching assistant is Miss Collier.  

    The children have all settled in well to Year 6, considering the current upheaval, and have taken on lots of extra responsibilities. 

     Now that we are in Year 6, you will notice that we wear a Linthwaite Ardron hoodie.



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Take a look at some of the activities we have been doing in our lessons:


In geography, we have been learning about weathering and erosion and how the landscape of the UK has changed over time. We carried out investigations to learn about biological, physical and chemical weathering.

We focused in on coastal areas and learned about how features such as beaches, bays and arches are formed. We then created clay models to represent the different features.


Today we went on our the Year 5 and 6 pilgrimage around Linthwaite. We thought about Edenezer Stones and made our own cairn. Mrs Travis taught us about George Mallinson and Florence Lockwood, two very important people in the history of Linthwaite.

Nature Smart Learning

 Children enjoyed doing all kinds of fun activities in the wild area including creating Haiku, solving some woodlands maths puzzles, den building and bringing a tree character to life using clay, trees and anything else they could find.



In this science unit, we learned about light: how it travels; how it reflects and how it refracts. We carried out experiments to investigate the angles of incidence and reflection and what white light is made of based on the work of Isaac Newton.


In science, we have been learning about electricity. In this particular lesson, we investigated the effects of different components on a circuit. We used data loggers to take appropriate scientific readings. We then recorded our observations and drew conclusions from them.

Among Us

For the final day of Autumn term, year 6 pupils became members of a crew that had to carry out a series of team challenges in order to obtain parts of a passcode. Once all the digits of the passcode were achieved, the crew then had to sequence them correctly to unlock the treasure. Lurking in each crew was an imposter trying to sabotage their efforts.

Fill the container to retrieve the digit.

Memorise the structure and recreate.

Stick to the path! Don't get the wrong one.

Transport the cargo and your crew.

Hunt the missing pieces and complete the circuit.

Rebuild but don't touch.

Turn over a new leaf... but don't touch the floor.