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At our school we believe that children should be encouraged to be creative and that they should be taught the skills

that will allow them to be independent creators. Please look below to view some of our recent work. 

Please look below for a range of materials and resources that shape pupils learning through art in our school. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact our art  lead, Mrs Rachael Hodgson, through the school office.  


At Linthwaite Ardron we intend our Art and Design curriculum to provide the children with opportunities to develop and extend skills and to express their individual interests, thought and ideas.


Children at Linthwaite Ardron are taught Art as part of their termly topic work.  Details are show in long term plans. Children are taught how to use art resources correctly at an age appropriate level to support encouragement of interest beyond school. Our children learn about great artists (both historical and modern) and they learn to evaluate their own and the work of others.  Work is planned to build on skills sequentially through school. 


Our children will be confident to use their skills and knowledge of art to express themselves in a way that supports their next steps in education or life. 


Please click on the links below for further information and documentation.  

Art Curriculum Map

Art Skills Progression 

Music Curriculum Map

Music Skills Progression

National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2 art 

National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2 music

EYFS Framework 2021 - DFE guidance about what should be taught in EYFS 




Skylar's Missing Note - November '21

EY to Y4 pupils were treated to a musical theatre production. The theatre company were brilliant and everyone enjoyed the performance immensely.

 Y5 Spring 2022  

Viking Portraits - mixed media

We have looked at the artwork 'Robin' and used newsprint, photographs, charcoal, art pencils and tissue paper to create some striking and dramatic Viking characters. They are all very different and we are currently writing exciting descriptions about them in our English lessons too.

Art exhibition - June 15th 2021 

gave our pupils the opportunity to display their work and view the work of others

Remote learning art lesson - Year Five - WALT: use pencil techniques to draw a Viking portrait

Watercolour painting of daffodils -

Spring 2022

 To celebrate the start of spring we have been creating some delicate daffodil painting using watercolours.

Y1 spring 2022 - Clay/Log Hedgehogs

Scientific investigations into seasons led to sculpting clay hedgehogs using natural materials. The children used tools and their hands to mold the clay into the correct shape which supported our development of our Fine Motor Skills. 

Y3 - September 2021 - Using natural materials to create colour palettes

Y6 using clay sculpture to demonstrate the process of evolution

Y3 used pastels to provide positive and negative images that replicate personal observations of cave paintings  

Key Stage 1 Skylar's Missing Note Performance


After School Art Club

Our wonderful boys and girls develop their talents and skills at our club. Here is some of their work-  wow!

Recently, all year groups entered the Hero's Stamp Competition.  Below are a few examples. 

Y4 Highwayman Chalk Drawings - The View From Bess' Window

Autumn - Y2 painting inspired by Lucy Pittaway

Y5 - Local Landscapes based on the work of David Hockney

More Y2 collage inspired by Lucy Pittaway