SATs information and help for year 6 


Before you take a look at the information below (and we hope that you will find it useful) please read this and remember that SATs are just one measure taken at one moment in time. Far more important is your unique personality, your beliefs and thoughts, your ideas, the spark inside you and the knowledge that God loves you. These are the characteristics that make you exceptional, will give you the strength to remember and uphold the Christian values that we hold so dear at Linthwaite Ardron and will enable you to make your life exciting, successful and full of love.

So, please remember, however you choose to shape your life that SATs have  just one small part to play and whilst we encourage everyone to try their very best, they will not be the overriding factor in shaping your own unique future. Good luck!


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SATs test for Year 6 pupils will take place between Monday 13th May - Thursday 16th May 2019

Opposite you will find a timetable for the week. Below there are resources to help you practise with your child and links to useful websites. 

If you feel that either yourself or the child that you care for would benefit from some additional information or support, please don't hesitate to have a chat with Mr Taylor (class teacher), Miss Eyles (Key Stage 2 Lead) or Mrs Travis (Headteacher). 

Useful Resources and Websites



Please feel free to ask for paper copies of any information that you find on this
website from the school office.