Linthwaite Ardron CE (VA) Junior and Infant School

'Through Christian values we support, help, inspire, nurture and encourage all individuals to SHINE and reach their potential'

Church Ln, Linthwaite, Huddersfield HD7 5TA

01484 845544

                     CHAIR'S WELCOME                      

Dear Parents, Carers and Guardians, 

As Chair of Governors, I would like to welcome you to our amazing school. Our Governing Body is comprised of a group of local people who are passionate about, and ardent supporters of our school. Our members are parents, school staff, Church representatives, Local Authority and business people. 

Collectively, we aim to ensure that the school is an excellent educational establishment, that our integral values and Christian ethos remain at our core, that we continue to be at the heart of the Linthwaite community and that we celebrate the uniqueness of our school. 

The Governing Body works with the school by supporting and challenging the headteacher and senior management team to ensure that excellent education, pastoral support and extra curricular activities are afforded to all our children.

It is also our role, in partnership with the school, to work together to continuously raise the attainment and achievement of our children. We continually research and implement new creative approaches and technologies to best meet the needs of our children.

I and all the members of the Governing Body would love to hear from you about any aspect of school life and about your ideas for improvement or to offer congratulation.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Yours sincerely, Rachel Stirling 


Full Governing Body - 

provides strategic direction to support work in school

Chair – Rachel Stirling (Foundation - appointed April 2017 - May 2023 )

Vice Chair – Claire Horne (Foundation DBE - appointed May 2017-  May 2023)

Julie Popps (Staff - appointed March 2018 -  April 2022)

Laura Clews (Staff - appointed March 2018 -May 2022 )

Jane Travis (Headteacher from September 2018)

Daniel Dearnley (Foundation  DBE- appointed February 2020 -  February 2024)

Paul Dinning (Parent - appointed September 2021 - 2024)

Rev Paul Witts (Diocesan Ex -officio - appointed Jun 2013)

Clerk – Karly George

Andrew Bradshaw (Resigned with effect March 2021)

Stuart Hazelton (Resigned with effect from September 1st 2020)

David Mallinson (Resigned with effect from September 16th 2020)

Strategy  Governors Group - 

monitors the progress against the School Improvement Plan

Chair  – Rachel Stirling

Vice Chair – Daniel Dearnley

 Claire Horne (Chair of Resources & Finance)

 Jane Travis (Headteacher)

Karly George (Clerk)

Standards & Effectiveness Committee 

Monitors progress all learners across all areas of school

Chair – Paul Dinning

Vice Chair – Paul Witts

Governors – Julie Popps, Laura Clews, Daniel Dearnley, Jane Travis

Clerk – Karly George

Finance & Resources Committee

Ensures the school has strategic plans in place to deliver effective teaching and learning within the school budget

Chair  – Claire Horne

Vice Chair – Paul Dinning

Governors – Rachel Stirling,  Jane Travis

Clerk – Karly George


 Rachel Stirling - Quality of teaching and learning, SIAMS

Daniel Dearnley - Safeguarding, CLA, PREVENT, esafety

Claire Horne - Pupil premium, sport premium, SEND, quality of teaching and learning, website compliance

Laura Clews, Julie Popps - Health and safety

Paul Dinning - Assessment

Paul Witts - Website compliance, SIAMS



Full Governing Body (FGB) Strategy (S)

Resources & Finance (R&F)

Standards & Effectiveness


28th September  (AGM)

1st February (with input from PE lead)

5th July 

14th September 

18th January  (with input from Computing lead)

21st June 

2nd November (with input from Humanities lead)

1st March (with input from Art and Music lead)  

14th June

12th October  (with input from maths & PHSCE)

22nd March (with input from RE lead,)

14th Sept(S) 28th Sept (FGB) 12th Oct (S&E)  18th Jan (S) 1st Feb (FGB) 1st March (R&F)

22nd March


14th June (R&F) 21st June (S) 5th July (FGB)
RS / / / / / N/A /
CH / / N/A N/A / N/A /
AB / / N/A N/A Resigned from post
DD N/A / x / N/A / N/A
PD N/A N/A / / N/A / /
PW N/A x N/A x N/A x N/A
JT / / / / / / /
LC N/A / / / N/A / N/A
JP N/A / / x N/A x N/A
DM x Resigned from post


N/A - Not applicable as does not sit on that particular committee

/ - Attended

x - Did not attend


Governor attendance 2019 2020


Relevant business interests Any other educational establishments governed Relationships with school staff including spouses, partners and relatives Date
Rachel Stirling Spouse owns garden landscaping company Nil Nil 28/09/20
Claire Horne Nil Nil Nil 28/09/20
Andrew Bradshaw Nil Nil Nil 28/09/20
Daniel Dearnley Nil Nil Nil 28/09/20
Paul Dinning Nil Yes Nil 12/10/20
Paul Witts Nil Nil Nil 28/09/20
Jane Travis Family owns educational equipment manufacturing company Nil Nil 28/09/20
Laura Clews Nil Nil Nil 28/09/20
Julie Popps Nil Nil Nil 28/09/20