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DAILY updates to parents



Dear all, 
I hope you're well. 
Unsurprisingly, risks to children from online threats and other safeguarding issues have increased during the COVID period.  To help keep parents/carers informed of how to keep children safe, our school has signed up for the Safer Schools app. You'll need the pin numbers below to download this app to your device.  There are accounts for parents and older pupils who may have their own device. Please take the time to download the app, search for our school, open the app using the pin number below and use it to help keep your child safe. I'm sure that you'll find it very helpful. 

Pupil - Primary KS2


Parent/Carer - Primary



Colne Valley Hub would like to make everyone aware that all EU, EEA and Swiss citizens living in the  UK must apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to protect their rights to live, work and study in the UK. Please see the attachment for further details. 

I hope you all have a lovely evening - don't forget to download the Safer Schools app.

Best wishes, 
Mrs Travis 




Dear all, 

I hope you're well. It's been lovely to welcome Mrs Branigan back today. Looking at the children's faces today,  I know that they were just as delighted as the staff.   

Following the Prime Minister's announcement last night, I can confirm that we will be reopening school on March 8th for all children. I know that this will be a huge relief to everybody.  When we return we will still be in class bubbles and dropping off and collecting protocols will need to be followed. 

Safeguarding - Please be extra vigilant for 'hoaxers' who are targeting young children whilst they undertake remote learning. Hoaxers ask young people to undertake  tasks in return for rewards or they persuade a young person to do something by threatening them with an unpleasant event if they don't undertake the task. Unfortunately the increase in children's remote learning has also lead to an increase in this type of threatening behaviour. If you are aware of this type of behaviour, please report this to school and directly to the police.    

Finally, we are going to leave World Book Day celebrations until Friday March 12th. This is so that all children will be back in school and able to participate in the activities. 

I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. 
Best wishes,
Mrs Travis



Dear all, 
I hope you're well, and not too exhausted from wellbeing day.

Thank you for sending photographs of children engaged in all the wellbeing activities. I can tell from the numerous smiles that there were many, very relaxed homes around Linthwaite yesterday. Lots of children obviously had a great time remembering how brilliant they are and learning how to calm, relax and generally take care of their own wellbeing. My learning point from yesterday was that if I ever make play doh again, I must add more flour. Sorry for those of you who got the super sticky stuff!

The wellbeing day also gave  staff some vital time to undertake training in the area of reading (this is one of the targets on our school improvement plan) and will help us support children when we reopen our school.  Teachers (who are subject leaders) were able to audit each of their curriculum areas to identify how they can improve these areas of learning further (this is also an area on our school improvement plan). Staff also started to prepare children's learning for after the half term break. A particular thank you to all parents/carers who reorganised work  schedules so that we had minimal children in school yesterday, as this made these opportunity possible for staff.

If you missed the message yesterday about laptops, I'd like to tell you that yesterday we had a delivery from Kirklees. We can now provide Kirklees laptops for all those children who have been sharing a device with a sibling, sharing a device with a parent, using a mobile phone or have any other reason why they are not able to access home learning effectively on a device. I am in school on Monday morning and  would like to distribute as many of these laptops as possible.

I also need all laptops that are currently on loan from school, to be returned and replaced with a Kirklees one from yesterday's delivery. It is especially important that the laptops loaned from school previously are returned asap as our IT technician will be working through the holidays to switch the settings on these laptops back to 'school use'. We currently do not have enough laptops in school and unfortunately we are not able to use the Kirklees ones delivered yesterday. However, I am sure that you will appreciate that as we did not want any child to be without access to remote learning, it was right to distribute school laptops previously. However,  I do need these to be returned asap so that we can  change the settings ready for use after the half term break.  I will be in school Monday morning (15th) to facilitate this. Please call up if you can. 

Have a lovely weekend and I hope to see some of you on Monday for laptops, 
Best wishes, Mrs Travis



Dear all, 
I hope you're well. 

Thank you for the fantastic response to tomorrow's wellbeing day. We have been inundated with messages about what a lovely idea it is. Hopefully the children will thoroughly enjoy the activities, have fun and learn a little bit about themselves.

I also have some good news. We are expecting a delivery of devices tomorrow. This is to support all those children who are  still having to use a phone as their main device for home learning. If you are one of these families, please watch out for a further message giving details of how to collect a device from school. If we do receive the devices we will send out a message as soon as they arrive and collection will be after 3.30pm. Please do not telephone school before this time as we will not have any further information to give you.   I am hoping that being able to issue devices to those children who need them before half term will them complete any learning that may have been missed. 

Please see the link below for safeguarding information from the government regarding children working on line. Use their page to access lots of top tips and support for parents.

Best wishes, 
Mrs Travis 



Dear all, 

I hope you're well. 

Just a short message this evening. 

I am delighted to let you know that Mrs Wood and Mrs Haigh are now back in school and feeling much better. I know from your messages that you have also missed them and will be delighted that they are back with us. 

Please remember to collect your child's wellbeing  pack for Friday  (unless your children are in school his week). 

Have a lovely evening, 
Mrs Travis



Internet safety day – this very important subject will be covered in children’s learning this week. Mr Pollitt has sent you a separate message about a poster designing competition that will take place over the half term break. Please encourage your child to participate, as there will be some great prizes! Please also take a look at the resources available to you around online safety on our school website.  

Maths Factor – this is an online resource by Carol Vorderman, suitable for year one upwards. This resource has been recommended by a number of parents recently. It provides a variety of maths activities that children find fun, whilst they are still learning. Please have a look and consider using this site with your child/ren.  I am assured by all who already use this resource that it is well worth investigating and keeps children occupied for hours.

Don't forget to collect wellbeing packs before Friday. Play dough will be back in plentiful supply from tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, 

Mrs Travis



Dear all,
I hope you're well.
I've attached a leaflet about how to support your child/ren in lockdown. You may not need it, but I thought it was quite good. It will certainly help me with my own children (even though they are a little older than those at Ardon) as I think all children are finding this latest lockdown situation very difficult. I hope you find it useful.

The link for today's collective worship (this will also have been posted in timetables for today) is here:

The link for celebration assembly is here:

Next week is Safer Internet week. This is a national event and I am sure that there will be some activities including in next week's activities around this very important subject.

Please also remember that next Friday is our Health and Wellbeing Day. Packs have been made up and can be collected from Monday. Tracey, our cook, has promised that for some children there will also be ingredients and a cooking activity included. Unfortunately we wont be able to carry out this activity at school so I guess those children, on this occasion, are getting something extra special. If you can keep your child at home on this day it would help enormously to deliver a fabulous event.

I hope you have an utterly fabulous weekend and the forecasted snow does not appear.

Best wishes,
Mrs Travis



Dear all, 
I hope you're well. Tonight there is a message for children. Please pass it on.

Dear children of Linthwaite Ardron,

Next Friday (12th February), we are going to have a treat! This is because all the teachers and staff in school are proud of your good work at this very difficult time. It would be easy for you to do very little at home, as we know that grown-ups aren’t always free to help, but you have chosen to work hard and try your best to complete activities that will be useful to your learning. Well done!

Next Friday, our special day is going to be ‘a screen free day’ which means that there will be no remote learning that day. Instead school will give you an exciting activity pack and we will take part in fun tasks and games that will help us to feel good about ourselves. If you are in school up to Thursday next week, this will be sent home with you. If you are at home, we will be asking for a grown up to collect your pack before next Friday on your behalf. But, however you receive your pack – it will be fun and it will something that we can all do together, wherever we are.

Packs will be ready from Monday.

Before Friday, you may want to start collecting colourful packaging and papers suitable for collage. For example, a chocolate bar wrapper might be something purple. You will need things that are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.

Remember, you are unique and amazing. Aim high and you will achieve your dreams. Above all, never give up trying.

Very best wishes from Mrs Travis and all the adults at school


Jane Travis (Headteacher)



Dear all, 
I hope you're well.
I hope you managed to get a little time to enjoy the snow yesterday. Let's hope it will be the last this year. Closing the school is never an easy decision but one I take to keep children, staff and parents safe. Yesterday, after having to abandon my Landrover I decided that closure would definitely be the safest option.

It goes without saying that staff are incredibly proud of all our children and parents, but particularly in these times of COVID. With this in mind, we are a planning a wellbeing day for our children to enjoy on Friday 12th February. Hopefully, it will also give the grown up at home a break too from remote learning as paper based activities for all year groups will be provided. The packs will either  be brought home by children, if they are in school next week, or they will be available for collection from Monday.  We hope that it will be a lovely end to a very difficult half term. As we are also hoping to use this day as an opportunity for staff to start their preparations for next term, we ask that if any child who would usually be attending school on Friday 12th February can be cared for safely elsewhere, then please do that.  Please let our office know if you are able to help us in this way. Thank you.

As the pressure on childcare spaces is increasing in school, can I ask all parents who use our childcare service to review their arrangements. If circumstances have changed since applying for a childcare place, please let the office know so that we can reallocate that space to someone who may now need it to perform their role within the COVID response. 

That's all from me today, 
Mrs Travis  


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