Sports Premium



Primary PE and Sport Premium plan  for Academic year 2018/2019

Total amount expected to receive approximately £17300

We are required to publish how our Sport Premium money has been used and its impact on PE, sports participation and attainment.

The table below shows how we intend to spend the money

Target Action and Expected Expenditure  How will we ensure improvements are sustainable                  Impact
To improve pupil engagement in all areas of learning, particularly PE and sport, by teaching teamwork, resilience and determination through sports activities.

Range of after school and lunch  clubs are now in place and are subsidised by school.


Approx £2550 will be spent on club sports staff and equipment.(320+383+224+114+67+1410)

the playground will be marked so that it encourages pupil engagement in sport (2465)

All children are now able to access in school sports clubs that give them the opportunity to try out a wider range of sports.

Inclusive activities have meant that vulnerable pupils are now active most playtimes / lunchtimes and are learning life skills that will allow them to engage with sport in the future.

Sustainability will be  ensured through training of  lunchtime supervisors by sports staff 

High quality teaching is being developed throughout school to ensure it is at least good and more often outstanding.

Staff continue to work alongside a specialist PE teacher to develop their PE skills and delivery of PE lessons.

Expected Cost of specialist PE teacher £8500 (790+655)

Approximately £200 will be spent on equipment needed to support teaching of high quality PE (239)


PE lessons are graded as at least good.

Sustainability has been secured through teachers working alongside specialised PE teachers and coaches and improving their own skills.

Enter more sports competitions

£500 has been spent to pay for a specialist dance teacher to work alongside teachers during the Autumn  term and prepare pupils to enter a dance competition.

Staff join club for their own CPD and it is planned for teachers to run this club in the future
To ensure successful outcomes for all pupils (including vulnerable groups, most able and those in receipt of pupil premium).

School will continue to be a member of the Pennine Sports Partnership which provides a wealth of targeted activities, competitions and festivals including those for SEN and most able pupils.


It is expected that this cost will be £1210

Most pupils (including all SEN and children from vulnerable groups) will participate in at least one inter sports competition this academic year.

Sustainability has been secured through all KS2  pupils being exposed to sport competition - experiences that will allow them to enjoy and participate in  this type of activity for life.

To ensure that KS2 children meet the minimum standard in swimming All pupils in Year 4 pupils will attend swimming lessons during curriculum time. Y5 pupils who have not yet met KS2 standards will attend swimming lessons after Christmas. Last year  72% of pupils left our school having met the minimum national curriculum standards for KS2 swimming regarding distance, using a range of strokes and being able to perform safe self rescue in water based situations. See below for a more detailed breakdown provided by swimming staff.
Healthy lifestyles are being promoted by encouraging participation in community sports clubs

Range of community clubs will be invited into school for taster sessions throughout the year at an estimated cost of £500.

Healthy and Safe week will focus on long term benefits of a healthy lifestyle and how to access this lifestyle in the community. Expenditure £50

The school sport census shows  participation in community sports clubs such as cricket, dance, swimming, gymnastics by pupils of Linthwaite Ardron.

with ****% of KS2 (baseline figures still to be determined)

Sustainability is shown through attendance at community sports clubs and during sports week children will be encouraged to bring details of community clubs that they attend and a display made to ensure that pupils are signposted to community sports clubs in the future. 

Increase physical activity  of  vulnerable pupils by engaging them in sports associated activities as a precusor to engaging them in an active lifestyle.

Change 4 Life Club  (Spring term).  Expected expenditure unknown at present 


Pupil interviews tell us that pupils are knowledge able about how having an active lifestyle can help people.

Increase pupil engagement and pupil inclusion by encouraging them to take on leadership  roles that support sport and physical activity within the school


Development of playleader roles to promote inclusion.

It is anticipated that £1500 will be spent in this area to fund coaching for leadership roles and a small amount of necessary equipment including multi sensory resources to support inclusion.


A Playleader led system will be introduced to the school that can be sustained with minimal cost indefinitely.
funding to allow staff to attend training courses and network meetings Expected costs £500

1 member staff attended PE Network meeting on 09/11/17.

Sustainability will be secured through increased knowledge and understanding.

Maintaining perishable resources (netball bibs, cones, sponge balls etc.) and providing a range of equipment for use at lunchtimes and playtimes to increase physical activity Expected costs £1500


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