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Please look below for a range of materials and resources that shape pupils scientific learning in our school. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact our science lead, Mr Adam Taylor, through the school office.  


To develop children’s ideas and ways of working that enables them to make sense of the world in which they live.  We believe that a broad and balanced science education is the entitlement of all children, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, class or disability. 


 Delivering a broad and balanced science education to our children is a core principle. Planning for science is a process in which all teaching staff are involved. They plan for enquiry is at the heart of our children’s scientific learning. 


Children are involved in the process of self-improvement, recognising their achievements and acknowledging where they could improve. Activities during, and at the end of each topic, record achievement and celebrate success. The desired impact of science learning in our school, is for pupils to become effective communicators and users of scientific knowledge, ideas, facts and data.


Please click on the links below for further information and documentation.  

Science Curriculum Overview

Science Progression Mapping


Year 3 - Marvellous Mirrors

Year 3 took part in two activities: Mirror Maze and Mirror Messages. The children found out that smooth, shiny and flat surfaces are the best reflectors of light. They also discovered that it was tricky to read the messages they had written through the mirror as they appeared backwards. Their mazes were difficult to follow too for the same reason! 

Year 6 refraction investigation

Year 6 looked at what happens when light travels from one medium to another and what this can do to to an image. They made an arrow change directions and a picture disappear completely.

Year 6 Electricity

Year 6 investigated how different voltages can affect a component in a circuit. They had to create circuits with differing amounts of cells and record what happened to their bulb.

Year 4 learning about electrical conductors

As part of their learning about 'Electricity', Year 4 planned and conducted their own investigation into which materials are electrical conductors and which are insulators.

Science Day

On Wednesday 8th June, pupils took part in an exciting, fun-filled science day. They moved between classes to undertake some awesome science activities in a carousel. Each teacher had a unique experiment linked to the wider curriculum.

In the year 6 classroom, children investigated non-Newtonian fluids by creating Oobleck and slime.

Finding out about habitats

Y2 went to Eden Forest on a science based trip. They had lots of fun!

Year 3 - Dissecting a plant

Year 3 have been busy bees learning all about plants this half term, including the parts of the plant and their role in fertilisation and pollination! Check out their handy work when dissecting a real life plant.


Year 5 and 6

Visit to The National Media and Science Museum, Bradford

On their visit to Bradford, the children took part in workshops in the Wonderlab based on space and rockets and visited the animation gallery.

Year 3 - Which is the most reflective material?

This week, the children were tasked with designing a new book bag that was reflective enough to keep the children safe in the dark and gloomy weather, but which material should they use? The children investigated several materials and agreed that tin foil was the most reflective and cardboard was the least. 

Year 4 learning about switches

As part of their learning about 'Electricity', Year 4 made four different types of switches. They then used these within their own electric circuits to see how they work.

EYFS discovering mini beasts

Learning about evolution

Evolution through art

Y2 looking at 'Living things and their habitats'

Y3 - Stirley Farm

The children leant all about growing their own veg, they harvested some and cooked it!

Year 4 learning about sound

Quiet places, loud places, Y4 moved around school to investigate sound. 

Year 4's Cress Experiment

KS1 and EYFS learning about living things

Y3 finding out about skeletons